The first episode of Flux, the six-part Doctor Who series, will premiere on BBC One at 6.25 pm Sunday, October 31, and will be screened in the USA on BBC America later that evening. It will air in Australia the following day.  Appropriately titled The Halloween Apocalypse, the 49-minute episode has this synopsis:  On Halloween, all across the universe, terrifying forces are stirring. From the Arctic Circle to deep space, an ancient evil is breaking free. And in present day Liverpool, the life of Dan Lewis is about to change forever. Why is the Doctor chasing Karvanista? What is the Flux?

You can see a brief introductory clip of Dan here: https://youtu.be/_3w4zaCyXok

The episode features guests stars Craige Els as Karvanista, Steve Oram as Joseph Williamson, Nadia Albina as Diane Curtis, and Sam Spruell as the Swarm.

Karvanista has been described as “a dog-faced halberd-wielding alien who can disguise himself as a human.”

Joseph Williamson was an eccentric real-life 19th century businessman, property owner, and philanthropist who constructed a series of tunnels under Liverpool which are now only partially excavated. The Williamson Tunnels, constructed under his direction in the Edge Hill area of Liverpool, were supposedly delved to provide employment for soldiers returning from the Napoleonic wars. According to source in touch with cultbox, the storyline involves a creature in the Williamson Tunnels. (A photo of antique wheelbarrows from a Doctor Who camera trainee supports the source’s story.)

Steve Oram as Joseph Williamson with Richard Tate as James Stonehouse

Diane Curtis, who appears to work at the Museum of Liverpool, is presumed to be a current or former romantic interest of Dan’s.

Not much is known about the Swarm, but Spruell is 6’1’’, so he/it should be easy to identify once the episode airs! Some fans speculate that this photo might represent the Swarm.

In a recent press interview, Jodie Whittaker mentioned the quieter moments in Flux. “There’s a lot of space in this new series – there’s a lot of silence that feels necessary and weighted. But there’s still all the energy of everything that we always do, the fizzing of the episodes, and the mania.” Asked to describe Flux in a single word, she replied, “It has got so many elements, but one of them is ‘unsettling,’ so I’m going to say that.”

A ‘quiet moment’ in Dan’s house?

Most of the photos used here are credited to James Pardon & BBC Studios.

For a ton of photos from the new series (Spoilers!), check out cultbox’s Doctor Who offerings here: https://cultbox.co.uk/tag/Doctor-Who



Surprise Post!

Had a few things to share that couldn’t wait for the weekend.


One epic story. Six thrilling chapters. The #DoctorWhoFlux Global Premiere Event starts Sunday, October 31 at 2:25pm ET on BBC America and AMC+.

And this:

BBC America will air a 3-minute “sneak peek” of Flux on Wednesday October 27 at 4:27 am ET.

Go here (my favorite site for ‘spoilers’) for details of Flux and loads of photos!:



The next series of Doctor Who starts on Halloween–yes, next Sunday! (Normally I would be putting this in the Gallifrey Guardian newsletter, but it won’t be ‘new’ by the time the next issue comes out.) The six-part serial previously described in the newsletter is now known to be called “Flux” in total. You can see a message from The Doctor here, with details of the aliens/villains:

Guest actors include Robert Bathurst, Thaddea Graham, Blake Harrison, Kevin McNally, Craig Parkinson, Sara Powell, Annabel Scholey, Gerald Kyd, Penelope Ann McGhie, Rochenda Sandall, Sam Spruell, Craige Els, Steve Oram, Nadia Albina, Jonathan Watson, Sue Jenkins, and Paul Broughton—whew!

Monsters mentioned in the trailer below include Sontarans, Weeping Angels, Cybermen, and the Ood, as well as new monsters, one named Karvanista.


A Bit of Business, and Halloween

While searching for a new bank for the Club’s account, I was greatly tempted to choose a local branch of one called the “Bank of England” – how cool would those checks have looked for a Doctor Who club?! No connection to the UK; the home branch is based in the town of England, Arkansas.


Building with Legos with the family last week, we made a Halloween tableau–complete with Trick-or-Treaters and costumed customers waiting to enter a Haunted House. Do you see the Doctor Who connection?

How about now?

Or now?

In case you still missed it, here’s a giant clue–just DON’T BLINK!


A film crew was working on the Doctor Who centenary special at Hodge House in Cardiff on September 15, 16, and 17. The Hodge House, constructed in 1915, is a landmark listed, eight-story building on St. Mary Street in Cardiff’s City Centre. The interior of the building had recently been renovated into modern office space. Filming occurred inside the building, where someone snapped a photo of the UNIT logo on the floor. While there are rumors that extras were hired to portray UNIT soldiers in late August, exactly what and who were filmed inside Hodge House was unknown at press time.

Filming took place in Grange Gardens in Cardiff on September 20, beginning with the construction of the TARDIS prop. John Bishop and Bradley Walsh were seen at the location, confirming that new companion Dan and former companion Graham will appear in the centenary special. Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, and director Jamie Magnus Stone were also at the Grange Gardens filming.

You can see more photos here: Welsh Rugby pics – Doctor Who Filming 200921 (huwevansimages.co.uk) ]

As always, thanks to the most valuable site I’ve found for Doctor Who Spoilers, cultbox.co.uk .

Doctor Who pops up

The movie The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is about a guy who is living the same day over and over, who meets a woman who is also aware of the time loop. There are many references to other genres, including Yoda and Darth Vader impersonations, a video game patterned after Warhammer, multiple geeky T-shirts, and even a brief clip of “Time Bandits.” The characters mentioned Doctor Who at least three times:

When she asks “Why do you think this is happening?” he replies, “I honestly didn’t figure it out until there was no new Doctor Who.”

When he asks her, “Why do I always feel like even though we’re stuck in the same day together, I am never going to see you again?” she replies, “Because you watch too much Doctor Who.”

Running possible scenarios by his teacher to explain a time loop, he suggests, “Is time just a big ball of wibbley-wobbley, timey-wimey stuff?” To which the teacher replies, “OK, that’s a quote from Doctor Who.”

A few days later, I was watching Roswell, and a character said, “Do you think you can get the wanna-be TARDIS [an alien machine] out of Deep Sky [secret government facility] for a spin?”

Have you seen/heard a Doctor Who reference on other shows lately?