Something Lighter

Okay, so I’m a day late–yesterday kind of got away from me–but, as promised, it’s back to light-hearted pop culture posts:

This season’s BBC Shop catalog lists a Bad Wolf TARDIS portable Bluetooth speaker, a TARDIS dual USB power bank, and a TARDIS Qi Wireless charging pad. Remember when the Doctor Who pages were just full of episodes on VHS?

Doctor Who merchandising has whole-heartedly embraced the digital age (and what would you expect, catering to the wants of a bunch of sci-fi nerds?). It is particularly appropriate since the airing of the Eleventh Doctor’s premier episode, which used a smartphone to save the planet.

For Tenth Doctor fans, here’s the trailer for “Around the World in 80 Days” starring David Tennant as Phileas Fogg:


Post for Last Week

This time I can’t blame a lack of time for my missed blog post. It was just too difficult to find the words (and re-live the emotions) to write anything near the anniversary of the U.S.’s worst terrorist attack. How do you write about pop culture when all around you are reminders of that terrible day?

If you were cognizant of the world around you twenty years ago, I’m sure you remember where you were and how you learned of the tragedy. I was working as a nanny at the time, and at 9:00am was in my employer’s home. The children’s father called down from upstairs, “Turn on the TV!” and we watched in horror as the towers were struck, then fell. I had worn a T-shirt to work, as usual when I nannied—this one had the skyline of New York on it, including the Twin Towers. (I retired that T-shirt, packing it carefully away, and have never worn it again.)

It seemed everyone I saw on September 11 knew someone in New York or D.C. My daughter tried calling several of her friends and family, but could not get through; the cell phone tower normally in use had been on the North Tower building. Theme parks evacuated and closed early in the day, affecting many in the Central Florida area who worked there (including Guardians), sending an ominous message of potential danger yet to come. After work, I went to the print shop that was supplying the Guardian Yearbook and found that the second printing would be postponed. The owner was waiting for a part for the printer that would now be delayed, as all planes were grounded. He noticed my T-shirt and mentioned that he was concerned about a friend of his in New York.

The following Saturday, the Guardians had an already-scheduled meeting at my home, originally meant to celebrate the Yearbook and plan for the Club’s future. We had spent the past year in a sort of limbo, having lost our usual Club meeting place and newsletter editor and not yet found a replacement, so this was an important gathering for us. I posted a flyer on the front door: “Welcome—leave the mundane world outside.” Impossible, of course, but being surrounded by fellow fans/friends made it easier to believe we could return to a normal life. Twenty years on we still remember, as we always will, the ones who were lost and the heroes who tried to save them.

Well, waiting a week helped, as I almost made it through this post without tearing up. I’ll post something lighter tomorrow, I promise.

Life Imitates Art (or Reality vs. The Whoniverse)

I was going to save this link for a post about inspiration for drabbles, but it just goes too well with a bit of news that appeared in the September Gallifrey Guardian:

Rare ‘Einstein Ring’ captured by Hubble reveals the depths of the universe (

And here’s the article:

The Einstein Engine is a free PDF adventure for Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition, and is compatible with the first edition of the game. The story takes players on a globe-spanning adventure which begins with a mystery in the Australian Outback in 1988 and travels to Peru in the far future. Written by Graham Tugwell, The Einstein Engine is designed to give Gamemasters an adventure to get them started with the newest edition of the Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game. Go here for a free download: The Einstein Engine  – Cubicle 7 (

Is the timing just a coincidence, or serendipity?

Feeling Strange Tonight

Maybe an aftereffect of the Doors documentary I watched recently. Anyway, you’re getting a collection of odd bits for today’s post.

Took this close-up after my annual eye exam. I could be the next alien menace on Doctor Who—the one that looks innocently human until they take off their sunglasses and you see their eyes! (Have you heard the rumor that new companion Dan’s friend may be an alien in disguise?)

Scrolling through movie options on Amazon Prime, I came across one titled “Gog”—the acronym for Guardians of Gallifrey–from 1954. Synopsis: A giant brain machine is programmed to sabotage a government space station. Maybe “giant brain machine” is 1954-speak for computer?

No Doctor Who connection, but cosplayers may relate to this bit. Our state had a “tax holiday” a while back, purportedly for school supplies. In spite of the strangely wide range of eligible items I didn’t expect to see anything I would want to purchase. Perusing the 3-column list that included baby clothes, receiving blankets, diapers (including adult); fishing and hunting vests; clerical vestments, altar and religious clothing; sleepwear and lingerie*; every other type of clothing you could imagine; and, finally, actual school supplies, I found…COSTUMES!

*Personally, I would be doing some serious investigating if my kid’s school sent home a list of recommended supplies that included lingerie! 🙂 And no, that’s not meant to cover bras, slips, or underclothes, because those items were all listed separately.