Several little bits tonight: I put together the news for the March issue of The Gallifrey Guardian today, and one article didn’t make the deadline. Billie Piper is raising money for charity by offering a trip to New York to see her on Broadway–and chat backstage. Go to for details.

The news has some ‘spoiler’ information (photos to come). Oh, those lucky fans in Sheffield!

Judging by the location shots in February’s newsletter, the Doctor may soon be visiting a time when women were not seen as authority figures; it will be interesting to see how that turns out.

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Cyber Golfer?

My favorite photo from last month’s Time Lord Fest (more photos of the event will be in the March issue of the Gallifrey Guardian).

Here’s a list of vendors at January’s Time Lord Fest who had Doctor Who-themed merchandise: (WC Forge Cosplay Props and Armor)


Not Doctor Who, but –

Did you see the launch today?–Amazing! The best part was a couple of minutes after lift-off, when the news on TV showed the car inside the rocket. “Don’t Panic” was visible on the touchscreen on the dashboard…

OK, sort of a Doctor Who connection, Six Degrees of Separation style:

Don’t Panic – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams – City of Death/Shada/The Pirate Planet – Doctor Who!

Can you come up with your own Six Degrees from Doctor Who?