Another Auction Item?

Some of the items we will have up for auction at our Wholiday Party in December can be seen in my July 4 blog post “Remember the Power of Three?” about our June meeting. Here’s another, brand new and donated by Sandy:

More teaser photos of auction items will be given as we get closer to December!


Tomb of the Cybermen Trivia

Guardians of Gallifrey members watched the Second Doctor at our July meeting last weekend, specifically Tomb of the Cybermen and The Faceless Ones. We’re working our way up to the September release of Evil of the Daleks. Instead of having a trivia contest at the meeting, we created one. Answers can be found on the Answers 2021 blog page.

  1. Roy Stewart, the actor who played the powerful servant Toberman, also played what part in which other Doctor Who story?
  2. What did the Doctor say was his special technique for figuring things out?
  3. Name another character played by actor Cyril Shaps (John Viner in Tomb of the Cybermen) and the Doctor Who story in which he appeared.
  4. How did the Doctor know Peter Haydon wasn’t killed by the Cyberman in the front of the training room?
  5. What insects are the Cybermen in their tombs compared to?
  6. What cute little metal guy crawled/rolled out of Victoria’s purse?
  7. What did she do to it after it saved her from Kaftan?
  8. Which member of the expedition was (partially) converted by the Cybermen?
  9. How can you tell the Cyber Controller from the rest of the Cybermen?
  10. When locked in the tomb, what did the Cybermen use to attack the expedition?
  11. What did the Doctor say happened to the Cybermats he defeated?
  12. Why did the Doctor give a speech that seemed to encourage the villain Eric Klieg?

Bonus question (because I don’t know the answer): How many times does Victoria scream in the story?

Looking up info at IMDB, I came across the phrase “The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon”—love it! The Second Doctor, as evidenced by answers to questions 2 and 4, had mad detective skills (at least, compared to characters around him). These were also on display in The Faceless Ones, especially when he examined the location where a dead body had been seen. The Doctor’s use of a magnifying glass and Jamie spotting a burn mark on the wall reminded me of a scene in the Guardians’ fanvideo “The New Order.” Speaking of, answer number 11 is a pun worthy of former Guardian Herby, director of our video!

More Who-ology

A few more thoughts on Who-ology (see previous posts from April 28 and July 4):

The list of birthdays of actors who played companions would be useful for Doctor Who websites/Facebook pages/blogs.

I wasn’t aware that Geoffrey Beevers, who played the decayed Master in The Keeper of Traken, also played Private Johnson of U.N.I.T. in The Ambassadors of Death.

In a listing of ‘real’ books that have appeared or been mentioned in Doctor Who, one is Where’s Wally?—which I thought at first was an error, but found out that’s what it’s called in the U.K. I’ll have to re-watch The Mysterious Planet from the Trial of a TimeLord series for an explanation of the Books of Knowledge of Ravolox (Moby-Dick, UK Habitats of the Canadian Goose, and The Water-Babies—really?).

A list of TV shows and movies that are referenced in Doctor Who made me want to watch The Unquiet Dead to catch the mention of Barbarella, ditto The Addams Family in Flatline, Teletubbies in The Sound of Drums, etc.

I wondered what “Death is the Only Answer” (on a list of scenes in which the Doctor met famous people from history) was until I saw it in a batch of Doctor Who mini-sodes on YouTube. I recently finished watching the 49 minisodes in chronological order, spanning from the beginning of the10th Doctor’s tenure to the 50th Anniversary episode. Several of their titles appear on various lists in Who-ology. Many are included on season DVDs, but others in the YouTube compilation were from charity and other traditional UK events. After that montage, I found another of scenes that followed River Song’s timeline, like the Guardian anniversary party theme we had back in 2015.

Between Who-ology, Doctor Who minisodes, and meetings of the Guardians of Gallifrey, I’m getting just enough of a “Who” fix to hold me until the new series starts!

Pictionary Trivia

As the Guardians of Gallifrey had not yet held a game of Doctor Who Pictionary based on the current Doctor, we played it at the June meeting using titles of Jodie Whitaker’s episodes. Below is some of the fantastic (!?) fanart we came up with–many incomplete as the gamers guessed correctly before the picture was finished. How many can you name?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Answers can be found on the Trivia and Puzzles Answers 2021 Page.

Trivia Challenge

Having recently finished reading Doctor Who: Who-ology, I ran a trivia contest of sorts based on psychic paper at our June meeting. Rather than writing down their answers, participants were called on in turn and verbally gave an example of the Doctor’s use of psychic paper. Stating the episode title was good for one point and knowing what the paper said earned another point. Being able to describe the scene was enough to keep one in the round. After several rounds, Ben became our winner.

Some of the episodes mentioned in the contest were The Idiot’s Lantern, A Christmas Carol, Silence in the Library, and The End of The World. Almost fifty incidences of psychic paper use are listed in Who-ology (including the times it failed to work). Who-ology’s list stops after The 12th Doctor; the 13th has used it at least a half-dozen times more. How many can you name?

Remember the Power of Three?

A few still life pics from the June meeting of the Guardians of Gallifrey; try to spot the intruder.

Doctor Who décor (I won’t pretend I only put it up for the meeting—my house always looks like this).

The Doctor Who Memory Game, as played at the May meeting.

Doctor Who Dominoes ready to play.

Thanks to Sue, who brought Taco Bell and Jolly Ranchers.

And thank-you to Todd, who brought items to donate for the Guardians’ auction in December.

Did you get it?