We watched The Three Doctors at our Guardian meeting last weekend, to commemorate the show’s 54th anniversary. The Brigadier, referring to the Third Doctor being replaced by the Second Doctor, had the best line in the episode:

“As long as he gets the job done, he can wear any face he wants.”

What a wonderful world it would be if everyone followed his philosophy!  Writing like that is one of the reasons I am such an avid fan of the show.



Ever think Doctor Who is TOO much on your mind?

1 – While flipping through the TV channels last weekend, I stopped at the show title “Ice Warriors…

…USA Sled Hockey”

Not what I was expecting.

2 – If you saw the email address “dalekeyes@… ” would you think (as I did) Dalek Eyes?

It was from someone named Dale Keyes…d’oh!

Stop by Fandomania at the Deltona Library this Saturday for more of my geekiness, and pick up a Word Search Puzzle of the Twelfth Doctor, created just in time for the event.

The Doctor is Everywhere!

The 12th North American Science Fiction Convention was held July 6-9 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. At the “A Day in the Life of a Sci-Fi Fan” panel, Doctor Who was included in a list of suggestions for Must See TV.
Doctor Who keeps popping up in the media, being mentioned on last week’s Big Bang Theory on CBS and this weekend’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross on NPR!