I strongly recommend “The Jurassic Parks” at the Orlando Fringe Festival, my favorite show so far. If you are a local, check out the Festival–it’s ongoing through Memorial Day, when the “One Man Star Wars Trilogy” will be performed. I saw it years ago, and it is amazing!

Sometimes Doctor Who-related shows make it into the festival. In 2011, a Fringe group put on an improv show called “Doctor Whose Line is it, Anyway?” Last year’s festival included this performance:

[The 2017] Fringe Festival featured a one-man show called “Who, Me” by Rob Lloyd, a fan from Australia. The Orlando Sentinel printed a review of the show, commenting on the actor’s resemblance to David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. The Guardians—and Rob–posted information about the show on our Facebook page. I brought a few word search puzzles, crosswords, and paper Daleks which I handed out to interested fans, saving a Tenth Doctor word search for the performer. Fellow Guardian Juan and I caught the Friday show. I’ve seen a lot of Fringe performances over the years, and Rob Lloyd’s was among the most professional and entertaining (although that could be my Doctor Who bias showing!).
If you follow Juan on Facebook, you will have seen his reviews of many Fringe shows. Several were genre-related, like “The Man from Earth,” starring John A., of DW fanfilm “Survivor’s Triangle” fame. Charles M. (an original GoG member, a former Lord President, and the star of GoG’s fanfilm “The New Order”) was also at the Fringe, producing a non-genre show.
From Juan’s Facebook review:
Who Me – David Tennant looks a lot like Rob Lloyd. Lloyd’s subconscious puts Doctor Who on trial. Does it make Rob a bad person–his love of Doctor Who? The audience/jury gets to decide. This is a journey through one man’s fandom. It shows how it affects us. Thank you, Rob.

From the June 2017 issue of The Gallifrey Guardian


SF at the Fringe – con’t.

No specifically Doctor Who-themed show this year, but there are lots of other SF/F/H shows and you might run into well-known Who fans at some… John (of Survivor’s Triangle fame) is involved with Shakespeare’s Ghostbusters, and Charles (original GoG member) with God is a Scottish Drag Queen.

Here’s a list of genre shows put together by GoG member Juan:

The Companion and Safe Word
OperaOrlando, Orlando, FL

Proving that Opera isn’t stuck in the 19th century, Opera Orlando presents two One Act operas about sex from Threeway with music by Robert Paterson and libretto by David Cole. In The Companion, a sex robot receives an upgrade causing changes in his relationship. Safe Word explores the dynamic between a dominatrix and her forceful, pushy client and what happens when their session goes to unexpected places. Directed by Fringe veteran Eric Pinder.

13 & Up – Strong Language, Mature Themes, Whips, Bondage

60 Minutes
13 Dead Dreams of “Eugene”
Theatre Mobile, Cincinnati, OH

X-Files meets The Twilight Zone… in the dark! Paul Strickland (Love Hertz) & Erika Kate MacDonald (Evacuated!) team up in this creepy flashlight and shadow play with songs.

A body was found and placed on display in hopes of identification. That’s when the Dead Dreams began. Experience the shared recurring nightmares that haunted one sleepy Ohio town, and the stranger-than-fiction story of “Eugene.”

“Seriously creepy fun” – Cincinnati CityBeat

13 & Up – Shadowy Nightmare Fuel

60 Minutes
El Wiz
Paul Castaneda, Orlando, FL

In this original musical, EL WIZ, America’s greatest, most well known and best-loved homegrown fairy tale, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, is retold in the context of modern Latino/Hispanic culture. Join us as “Dorothy” and friends go on a familiar journey that’s also altogether new! Featuring all your favorite characters with whole new back stories, you’ll laugh, sing along and have a blast as we go in search of the elusive EL WIZ!

7 & Up

60 Minutes
Meet The Replacements
Thibodeau, Orlando, FL

In a world where Artificial Intelligent Humanoids are illegal, a lonesome man intends to grow closer to his family by building them… Welcome Home.

13 & Up – Strong Language, Mature Themes

60 Minutes
Strange New Worlds
Team TRAG, Winter Park, FL

It is the 23rd century and we have begun exploring the farthest reaches of our galaxy. Join us as we venture into parts unknown in this improvised homage to Star Trek: The Original Series. You inspire the show, so no two performances are the same. Kirk might not be our captain, but our engines are ready to give us all they’ve got.

7 & Up

60 Minutes
S#IT: An Unauthorized Musical Parody of Stephen King’s IT
JMEG Theatrical, Winter Garden, FL

An unauthorized musical parody of Stephen King’s IT. A shape-shifting evil disguised as a maniacal dancing clown feeds on the youth of Dairy, Maine. When a group of kids discover its true identity, they must destroy it, before it devours them all. From the creators and creative team of last year’s award-winning musical “ThanksKilling,” this promises to be just as absurd and equally tasteless.

18 & Up – Strong Language, Mature Themes, Violence

60 Minutes
One Man Walking Dead
Mark Meer, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Dead walk! Society has crumbled and ravenous zombies rule… Can a ragtag band of survivors make their way in an undead world where they are at the bottom of the food chain? Known to gamers worldwide as Commander Shepard in Bioware’s Mass Effect Trilogy, Canadian actor Mark Meer tackles a script by Fringe favorite T.J. Dawe – a one-man parody and celebration of the beloved TV series spawned by the equally-beloved comic book.

13 & Up – Strong Language, Mature Themes, Cartoonish Violence

60 Minutes
Black Crow Cabaret
Monica Titus, Orlando, FL

This one-witch show tells the story of an immortal siren – from her trial and execution in 1640’s England, to her party days in French court, through her life as a performer today. Her dark and compelling tale relates the follies of man and witches alike, combining spoken word storytelling, original music, and circus and burlesque arts.

18 & Up – Strong Language, Nudity

60 Minutes
Pipsqueak Collective, Orlando, FL

“Sit. Lie down. Roll over.” In November of 1957, Soviet scientists sent the first living thing into Earth’s orbit – a stray dog. Set amidst the space race, MUTTNIK draws on historical events to create a story of purpose, life, and death told from the perspective of a Russian dog. Presented by the Orlando-based theatre company Pipsqueak Collective, written and performed by Bruce Ryan Costella and directed by Debra Christopher.

13 & Up – Some Language

60 Minutes

The Jurassic Parks
Superbolt Theatre, London, United Kingdom

Superbolt present their sellout multi-award-winning, laugh-out-loud spin on Spielberg’s classic (★★★★★ Londonist, ★★★★ Time Out, WhatsOnStage). Terry, Jade and Noah welcome you to Lyme Regis Community Centre to present a theatrical celebration of cinematic nostalgia and a powerful reminder of the ones we love. Superbolt are a London-based international ensemble founded at the Jacques Lecoq Theatre School in Paris.

7 & Up

65 Minutes
Xanadu Jr
Theatre South Playhouse, Orlando, FL

Journey back to the 80’s with the Tony Award-nominated, roller-musical that spoofs the cult classic movie. Join the talented Teen Artists (They’re just like Broadway, only shorter!) on this hilarious adventure about following your dreams, while rolling along to the original hit score by pop-rock legends, Jeff Lynne and John Farrar. Xanadu is hilarity on wheels for adults, children, and anyone who has ever wanted to feel inspired.

All Ages

60 Minutes
The Encampment of Dr. Moreau
Marlon Andrew Burnley, Athens, GA

Beast Folk. Freaks. Humans. Social Unconscious. The Encampment of Dr. Moreau brings to life the story of one man’s rebellion that turns into another group’s oppression. Dr. Moreau creates a society of Beast Folk that hail him as the ultimate ruler.Complicit Theatre Company presents H.G. Wells’ classic Sci-Fi story about pain and cruelty and human interference with nature through the eyes of the clown, the puppet, and the human mask.

13 & Up – Violence, Graphic Images

60 Minutes

Adam McCabe Presents, Orlando, FL

What if we were all given a literal “kill switch” at birth, and the choice to legally end our own lives at a moment’s notice? In this dark satire about modern American society, a suburban family struggles to keep their home afloat in a world where the ultimate temptation is only a flip away.

18 & Up – Adult Language, Mature Themes

60 Minutes
The Great & Powerful Tim Saves Christmas
The Great & Powerful Tim, Hollywood, CA

International touring magician and comedian The Great & Powerful Tim is roped into a holiday adventure after a magic trick goes awry, killing Santa Claus. It’s up to Tim to save Christmas with his hilarious mind-bending illusions. Featuring lots of fun audience participation.

Tim is a former performer at Orlando’s SAK Comedy Lab and got his start right here at Orlando Fringe. He is a member of the Magic Castle and currently lives in Hollywood.

13 & Up – Adult Language

60 Minutes
What If?
Caitlyn Wisser, Orlando, FL

What if you woke up one morning, and everything you thought you knew about society had changed? How would you react if the roles of power were suddenly swapped, with you no longer being on top? What would a world without male privilege look like? Would it be a better place? Or would living in a historically female-dominated world have the same problems as our society, reversed? “What If?” is a new play that will explore these questions and more.

13 & Up – Strong Language, Some Mature Themes, Sexual Themes

60 Minutes

Joel Swanson, Orlando, FL

His father is a frog. His mother is a pig. He was confused, abused, and destined for stardom. From New York to LA to Orlando, the cultural phenomenon we have all come to know and love finally steps forward to tell his story. In song, naturally. Imagine Liza Minnelli in the Avenue Q community production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It’s the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational love letter to cabaret divas! This is what we call FROGPIG!

13 & Up – Strong Language, Mature Themes, Interspecies Relationships

60 Minutes
An All New God Is A Scottish Drag Queen
Morgan Cranny, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

“18 time “Best of the Fest” winner and 3 time Orlando Fringe Patrons Pick, Mike Delamont, returns with an all new chapter from the most popular franchise of shows on the international Fringe circuit! God, dressed in a floral power suit, returns to skewer everything from pop culture to religion in an all new, unforgettable, and hilarious hour of comedy! Warning: Tickets for this run are extremely limited.”

13 & Up – Strong Language

60 Minutes
Vampire Lesbians of Sodom
College Park Productions, Orlando, FL

A satirical saga of two fatally seductive vampiresses whose paths first collide in ancient Sodom. Their bitter rivalry as immortal lesbian vampires, but more importantly as actresses, endures for two thousand years, with stops in 1920s silent movie Hollywood and contemporary Las Vegas. Playwright, Charles Busch, takes us on a drag-tastic romp through genres of classic horror cinema and the tongue-in-cheek camp styles of a John Waters flick.

18 & Up – Strong Language, Nudity, Mature Themes

60 Minutes

Enter, Pursued By a Whale
Renie and Rob Productions, Atlamonte Springs, FL

Hawel has a lot on his mind. Having just been fired, Hawel wants to find a new job, but his friends and family feel like this is the perfect time to retire. These issues might be a little easier to handle if he weren’t also being hunted by a whale.

13 & Up – Some PG-13 Language

60 Minutes
Thrones! The Musical Parody
Otters Holding Hands, Los Angeles, CA

Hilarious, gory Game of Thrones parody. Nudity? Maybe. Laughs? Yes! Brothers and sisters shagging? No comment. Edinburgh Fringe sellout three years running!

‘A resounding success’ ***** (Sunday Times)
***** (ThreeWeeks)

18 & Up – Strong Language, Mature Themes, Comedic Violence…the stuff you love on “Game of Thrones”

60 Minutes
Dammit, Jim! I’m a Comedienne, Not a Doctor!
Polly Esther, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

An innocent suggestion of watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation” for the first time quickly turned into obsessively delving into the entire Star Trek universe.

Every series. Every season. Every film.

Then came the Las Vegas convention.

These are the voyages of Polly Esther, her ongoing mission to explore this strange new world and how this universe has helped her boldly go forward in her journey as a recovering alcoholic.

13 & Up – Strong Language, Mature Themes

60 Minutes
Mind of a Snail Puppet Co., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sick of being objectified, an artist’s life model steals a magical paintbrush & it changes her life. MULTIPLE ORGANISM is a surrealist comedy for adults (18+) about having a body & how our body is seen by others. Gender-bending. Nudity. Projections. Puppetry. Original music. Sentient toothbrushes. A wild & risky new show from award-winning creators of “Caws & Effect.”

★★★★★ “daring, raunchy, ingenious!” -VueWeekly
“Hilarious!” -MyEntertainmentWorld

18 & Up – Mature Themes, Nudity, Sexual Content

60 Minutes
The Haunting of Saint River
Bremner, New Orleans, LA

Bremner plunges into a river of ghosts with a new eerie post-post-modern cabaret, with haunting original songs of half-remembered nightmares and almost-seen spirits. Bremner has thrilled and delighted audiences from Edinburgh to Moscow with tour-de-force, whirlwind shows.

“My god, does he sing. Bremner’s performance is jaw-dropping—my jaw literally dropped” VIEW Canada.
“Laughter and jaw-dropping physicality… a must see.” Theatre Jones Dallas

13 & Up – Strong Language, Mature Themes

70 Minutes
One Man Stranger Things: A Parody
Chicken For Supper Productions / Charles Ross, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Charles Ross (of the One Man Star Wars & LotR) and Fringe legend, TJ Dawe, parody the Netflix smash series, Stranger Things. Prepare to have your upside down turned right side up. If this show doesn’t have you laughing until you bleed out your nose, like 11, nothing will. Except for Charlie’s other shows. Or TJ’s shows. They’re good, too.

13 & Up – Strong Language

75 Minutes
The Sibyl of Mars
Giant Nerd Productions, Seattle, WA

In the distant future, Sibyl has been sent to Earth from her home on the lush green planet of Mars. Her home is dying, and she suspects the reason may be the original plan to colonize the planet. Using a series of cards, she draws knowledge implanted in her mind to learn how, or if, she can save her world.

13 & Up – Mildly Explicit Language and References

60 Minutes
Tim Mooney: Man Cave, a One-Man Sci-fi Climate-Change Tragicomedy
Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre, Buffalo Grove, IL

Tim Mooney brings another World Premiere to Orlando! The Last Man on Earth sends a heads-up out to any Klingons, Vulcans and Tralfamadorians who might still be listening!

13 & Up – Strong Language

45 Minutes
Shakespeare’s Ghostbusters
Homicidal Orphan Productions, Orlando, FL

Whom Wilt Thou Call? The original Ghostbusters movie written by The Bard. Featuring Lords Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler, and a cast of spirits worthy of the poet of Avon.

The streams of 80’s nostalgia and Shakespearean text cross with hilarious results.

Pray I beseech thee, audience fair
To hear this tale of actions rare.
If spirits be the problem that troubles thee most,
Whom wilt thou call? The busters of ghosts.

13 & Up – Mature Themes

60 Minutes
Jason & the Argonauts
Ralph Gregory Krumins, Orlando, FL

An epic journey of Greek proportions! A musical comedy with three actors and an audience taking on 20 different characters. Not only will Jason be there but Hera, King Pelias, Phineas, Harpies, Sirens, Talos, Hercules, and Zombie Soldiers, too! With youth actors pulled from the audience during each show, can you help Jason bring home the Golden Fleece? Come join the crew and be a brand new hero!

All Ages

60 Minutes
The Light Princess
Summit Church, Orlando, FL

Based on a 19th century Scottish fairy tale, The Light Princess tells the peculiar story of a princess cursed with constant weightlessness by her evil aunt. She spends her days blissfully floating about the castle, amused by everything yet never experiencing the joys that gravity can provide. Can anything break the spell and bring her back down to earth? Told through a unique combination of dance, drama, and music. Family friendly show!

All Ages – Dance, Kids/Family, Music, Theatre

40 Minutes
TK 421 Is Dead: A Storm Trooper Story
Chicken For Supper Productions / Charles Ross, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Two friends, TK421 (a poster boy soldier) and TK411 (a genius who guards garbage) live on a spherical, moon-sized space station. Bound by military duty, they long for a serene life- vacations in the desert- far far away from their base. When a girl, TK564 (a cafeteria worker), suddenly enters the picture and a terrorist group infiltrates the space station, the duo are forced think outside of their sphere and trust their feelings.

All Ages

65 Minutes
Ghosts Among Us
Toni Clair, Orlando, FL

“Ghosts Among Us” takes the audience through 3 distinct episodes – each a famous ghost story from American folklore. These tales examine how belief (and disbelief) in the paranormal has shaped both individual lives and our collective culture:

Episode I: Resurrection Mary

Episode II: Bannockburn

Episode III: The Greenbrier Ghost

13 & Up – Matures Themes

60 Minutes
T.H.E.M (The Heroes Exemplifying Mediocrity)
Professional Party Girl Productions, Winter Park, FL

In a present day dystopia, an eclectic group of (former) superheroes struggle to find their way through the next chapter of life. The reluctant leader Queen B tries desperately to hold together what is barely left of her once triumphant team and their sanity. But when the call for help that they have been waiting for comes in, will they be ready?

13 & Up – Strong Language, Mature Themes, Violence

60 Minutes
When the Hurly Burly’s Done
Lake Nona High School, Orlando, FL

Set in the 1980’s world of imagination and adventure, four teens coincidentally find themselves alone in an attic with a cursed chest. Driven by their curiosity, they open the chest and release all the evil and dark magic into the attic and themselves. The teens discover the age-old tale of “Macbeth” inside of the chest, and when opened, they are sucked into the story and possessed by the characters. Can they escape the evil they’ve unleashed?

13 & Up – Mild Language, Violence, Death, Frightening Images

40 Minutes
Orlando Fringe Presents: One Man Star Wars Trilogy
Orlando Fringe, Orlando, FL

Officially endorsed by Lucasfilm, Charles Ross has performed this show for over one million Star Wars fans across the world. Ross single-handedly plays all of the characters with spot-on voice impressions, sings the music, flies the ships, fights the battles, and condenses the plots of three films into one hilarious production.

All Ages

75 Minutes


SF at the Fringe!

Short post today, as I’m off to the Fringe Festival! There were several Star Wars-themed pieces of artwork on display at the festival last night.

I promise I’ll post Juan S’s list of genre shows, plus a ‘blast from the past’ article from the Gallifrey Guardian about a previous Fringe, later.


A fellow Who fan and I were discussing the dearth of spoilers this season, so I’ve included info on where to find them in this post. Many of them come from , like this photo of the new TARDIS:

Production is ongoing on Doctor Who series 11, with the shoot at least three blocks of filming in. Much of the work has been done inside Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff. Despite extensive location work in South Africa, Gosport, Sheffield, and other open spaces, much is still under wraps.
In April filming took place at Cardiff Bay Barrage, where Jodie Whittaker and Bradley Walsh were spotted on set. The crew were in Penarth on April 9. Filming for Block 2 (Rosa Parks episode and an unknown episode) finished overnight on March 20, with Whittaker and Tosin on location in Cardiff. has a post by ‘Gosport Police’ of a Dalek in town. This site is the source of the photo in the February issue of the Gallifrey Guardian with the 13th Doctor next to the classic car. It was taken January 14 in front of The Book Lounge. Did you notice the sign in the tavern window “We cater to white trade only”? — presumably for the Rosa Parks issue.
Bradley Walsh was spotted in The Salimaker Pub in Gosport on February 21. Chelsea, a supervisor at the pub, told The News [he] had come into the pub and spoke to staff. She said: “I asked him what had bought him down this way and he said there was a film set near Fort Gilkicker for a few days. I asked what the set was and he explained he was for the new Doctor Who series.” The team also filmed in Little Woodham, a small 17th century-styled village. posted “Possible filming in Sheffield again” near Park Hill Flats as recently as April 28. This site has photos and even video of shoots. One retweet mentioned Alan Cumming at a night shoot in the rain and mud (with a tree stump?) March 13. A Doctor Who location sign was seen in Splott on April 30.

I missed this article back in November; check out the photos! Jodie Whittaker was spotted climbing through a narrow hole in a fence which surrounded an industrial yard. Clad in an oversized black coat, a large white shirt and waistcoat, black trousers, and leather boots, she carried a heavy bag in her hand. Her coat appeared to be shredded at the bottom, showcasing a red cardigan. The bag held an interesting looking contraption. Side-kick Bradley Walsh, wrapped for the occasion in a padded jacket, was later spotted with another cast member sneaking towards the fence with various items in his arms.

Tidbits from various print media sources:
Sharon D Clarke revealed that her character is human, married to Bradley Walsh’s character, who is also human. Clarke seems to be staying behind on Earth while the team have their adventures in time and space. Chris Chibnall is said to be very keen to make Doctor Who a show that more families will sit down and watch. Whatever their relationship, the feeling is that the adventurers are a family – with Walsh’s character Graham taking a “parental” role.
Whittaker’s Doctor has been described as ‘funny’ and she has been allowed to keep her own accent (Yorkshire), so once again the Doctor sounds to be from the North. Ray Holman and Jodie Whittaker designed the new Doctor’s costume. Rumor has it the first story is set in Sheffield and will follow Whittaker’s attempts to track down her lost TARDIS while still adjusting to her new body.
Known directors for series 11 thus far are Jamie Childs (Block 1), Mark Tonderai (Episodes 2 and 3), and Sallie Aprahamian (Block 3).
In an official advert in an industry publication, BBC Worldwide promised “More than 11 hours of new content in Autumn 2018,” far more than the episode lengths previously given would account for. Could the extra two and a half hours be due to a Xmas special, extended series finale, tie-in online videos, or behind-the-scenes extras?
This year’s Doctor Who annual, set to go on sale in October, is listed at the Book Depository website. Here’s a bit of the synopsis: The Doctor Who Annual 2019 will be an incredible insight into the Thirteenth Doctor and her first journey in time and space. There will be an all-new TARDIS to explore, alien tech to examine (with a brand-new sonic screwdriver) and monsters to defeat.


Get motivated by this Gallifrey Guardian newsletter article about FCBD 2015:

On the first Saturday of each May, fans enjoy Free Comic Book Day—it’s like Black Friday for Comic Book stores! It’s great to find more folks outside of fandom recognizing our special day, especially having it mentioned by the media. The local National Public Radio station even ran a previously recorded episode of “Ask Me Another” from New York ComicCon, with Neil Gaiman as a guest. The episode featured a game in which participants had to combine the name of a fictional character and a disease, with one clue as “The TARDIS may be bigger on the inside, but you can still hear him wheezing from this lung infection.” The answer: Doctor Who-oping Cough.
For the past several years I have made a FCBD road trip to as many comic shops as possible; this year I made it to all ten shops on my itinerary, plus a bookstore.
I started at A Comic Shop, as they opened earliest—9 am. They allowed 5 comics per person, but if you spent $10 you could get 5 more free ones. There were buy 3, get 1 free deals throughout the store. Characters from Batman were present. The Geekeasy wasn’t open that early, but would be later—until 2am!
Next stop was Sci Fi City, GoG’s home base, which allowed 8 free comics and had Spiderman and his webcycle. They had 50-cent back issues and a 30% store-wide sale.
The Fashion Square Mall had a Cos-con, tying in FCBD and The Avengers movie premier with lots of artists and cosplayers and a costume competition. (Every mall with a comic book shop and movie theater should do it!). The Coliseum of Comics there gave out 4 free comics per person and had a great collection of Doctor Who standees. The artists’ alley outside the store stretched toward the center stage, where appropriate music played–including the theme to the Big Bang Theory. Inkburst Studio ( included Doctor Who art in their display.
Coliseum of Comics near the Mall at Millenia gave 4 free comics, had artists and cosplayers—Superman and the Black Canary. Kids loved the balloons all around the store.
Living Dead Comics gave out 1 free of EACH comic—FANtastic! There were tables and chairs in back, presumably for gaming, as the wall had a calendar schedule for D&D and other games. They sell snack food and sodas, and had DW bobbleheads!
Hudson’s Comics was running low by the time I got there, and so could only give 1 free comic per person; they advertised 10% off Star Wars items until May 5. They carry LOTS of collectibles and figures, LOTR, SW, etc.; large, quality genre items (with price tags to match), and have even larger costumes/props set up throughout the store. I met up with fellow Guardian officer Darren there, but we went our separate ways so he wouldn’t miss Living Dead Comics and the Cos-con at Fashion Square Mall.
Epic Comics allowed 5 free books and had artists on site, as well as wall art, door art, even Doctor Who art by Danny Haas ( They carry Doctor Who artwork, figures, and comics, and they still have the TARDIS soda machine!
ACME Comics gave 3 free books, had 25% off most other merchandise, and LIVE MUSIC! I ran into another Guardian there: Edward as the Fourth Doctor. Artists and crafters were present, as well as our donated TARDIS (built by John Reid Adams), and a school bake sale. You could even win a movie ticket by donating blood. Their selection of Doctor Who merchandise included an iphone case and a lifesize K-9.
Comic Central gave out 2 free comics (more if you bought stuff) and had 20%-off sales. The carry sonic screwdrivers, Doctor Who boxers (!) and other small items, and the Who’s Who book.
Smash Comics and Games (formerly Coliseum of Comics) at Seminole Towne Centre gave out 4 free comics plus 1 poster, had a face painter and artists, and cosplayers–even a man wearing a comic strip suit. There was George Perez, “The Riley & Kimmy Show” podcast, and Doctor Who art by Ravenwolf ( ‘Captain Jack’ stood guard over the Doctor Who merchandise: a tablecloth and card game, ‘crack in the wall’ stickers, The Impossible Set, and the 12 Doctors, 12 stories, 12 postcards Boxed Set.
Books a Million isn’t a comics shop, but it was nearby, so I stopped in to check out their Doctor Who items. Not as extensive as in December, but they did have a knapsack, the “knock, knock t-shirt, 11th Doctor jacket, Capaldi t-shirt, and DW books.
I headed back to ACME Comics to spend the rest of Free Comic Book Day dressed as a TimeLord. Info on local comic shops can be found on our website: Support your local comic book store–every one I visited carried some Doctor Who merchandise, with a different selection at each store. If you missed Free Comic Book Day, let me know at the June Anniversary Party—I have extra copies of the free Doctor Who comic book!