A Small Assortment

Sorry for the delay. The blog has decided to change its set-up (again) and I can no longer find the Classic editing version I prefer. As I have given up and will now be using the Block version, posts may look a little strange for a while. To make up for missing last week, here’s several brief bits of Doctor Who-related fluff.

Well, Chester did it again. In an episode of The Flash, a strange obelisk is found with “temporal energy from the future” in its vicinity. Chester says, “Is this thing like a time capsule, or maybe like a TARDIS?!”

While perusing photos of recent Doctor Who filming (to gather spoilers for the Gallifrey Guardian), I noticed the gray cap Dan’s character is wearing in an episode set in the 19th century  looks like one I had in my costume closet.

Our local paper includes a “Ticked off!” column of submissions from readers. Last month, a writer complained about receiving huge bills from a doctor’s office and said: These shocking bills do wonders for my hearts, not to say what it could do to my monthly budget. – [Hearts?]

The paper (The Orlando Sentinel) has also provided a half-page article, with photos, about David Tennant’s latest artistic endeavor, “Staged.” If you haven’t seen this, it features Tennant and Michael Sheen (Good Omens) as themselves trying to rehearse together via Zoom (due to COVID). The first season was so popular it now has a second season. You can see it in the U.S. on Hulu. There’s also a bit on YouTube that aired on Comic Relief.