Act fast for Fanfic!

Just a quick repost of an article on one of my rare days off – Julia

The Curse of Fanfic – Raising funds for Parkinson’s UK.

Have you ever made up your own stories based on favorite shows, or wondered what would happen if two or more of your most loved characters came together in one great mash-up of an adventure? Between these covers you’ll find such unexpected bedfellows as Basil Brush and Larry Grayson, Steve Zodiac and the Alien Facehuggers, Doomwatch and Tomorrow’s World, Inspector Gadget and the Cybermen, and many more. Edited by Paul Castle, creator of legendary fanzine Shooty Dog Thing, with new fiction from the likes of Iain McLaughlin, Paul Magrs, John Dorney and many others!

Available for ordering    — only until September 1st!