Fandomania is an annual family fan event hosted by the Deltona Library. This year’s event will focus on a variety of fandoms, including Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Disney, and more. Enjoy the Disney-themed escape room, or catch Fantastic Beasts in the Creature room. Come in costume to earn a raffle ticket for a prize bag. The event will be held on Saturday November 18 from 1pm-4pm at the Scrub Jay Auditorium, 2150 Eustace Ave. The Guardians of Gallifrey will have a table there, with our graffiti TARDIS nearby. Come and add your artwork or slogan!

The graffiti TARDIS (formerly the Clara Memorial TARDIS) at Leesburg Library’s ComicCon in 2016:



Hey, (Tampa) Bay area fans, Necronomicon is this weekend! To entice you to attend, here’s an article on my experience at the 2004 convention.
From the November 2004 Gallifrey Guardian:
Friday – Arrived in time for the Cthulhu Memorial Eye Scream Social. Bought two books for a buck each. Enjoyed immensely the Beatles Singalong with Spider Robinson (Herby, you shoulda been there!). Made an early night of it, even though it meant missing The Rocky Horror Picture Show w/cast and Stomp Tokyo’s Incredibly Strange Short Film Festival.
Saturday – hosted “Doctor Who: Still Here” panel with Joey and Arthur at 10 am (an inconceivably early hour for conventioneers). Mentioned the prophetic letter GoG received from the BBC after our request for new Who. Gave out stickers, magnets, and business cards with our new website shortcut. Watched Bubba Ho-Tep, an imaginative independent horror/comedy about an aging Elvis. Checked out a panel on independent film-making and a workshop of Star Wars costuming and props. Bought DW videos at Joey’s table, watched some ‘lost’ Doctor Who episodes, bid on a few pieces of art, and prepared for the Costume Contest.
At the Masquerade, the MC announced news of the Daleks’ return to the new Doctor Who series, “due to air in Britain early next year. It is not known when the Daleks will appear in the States.” Cue Herby, who runs toward the stage shouting, “They’re here! The Daleks! Run!” etc., until he spots the raised stage. “Oh, goody—stairs! They can’t follow me up there. I’ll be safe.” He climbs up to the stage, then sticks out his tongue at the Dalek, which has paused halfway down the aisle. As Herby turns his back on the Dalek to address the audience, the crowd lets out a gasp of surprise followed by laughter, and a child down front calls out “Look behind you!” Herby, playing to the crowd, doesn’t notice that the Dalek has grown two silver-clad legs and is tiptoeing up behind him, having no trouble whatsoever with the stairs! A tap on his shoulder from the plunger arm and Herby turns around, looks the Dalek up and down and turns to the audience to say, “Oh, poop!” The Dalek croaks out “Exterminate!” and fires, Herby falls, the music swells. The Dalek dances around its victim, giving him a few kicks for good measure, to the strains of ZZ Tops’ “She’s Got Legs.” AND THE CROWD GOES WILD. Herby and I each received an Olympic-style medal for second place.
After the Masquerade, I enjoyed a second concert by Spider Robinson, followed by a reading of several short horror stories, and ended the very late night with an interactive viewing of The Pirates of the Caribbean.
Sunday – Picked up my art purchases and (finally) checked out the dealers’ room, caught a panel on Ghosthunting in Tampa, read a short story of Herby’s and a poem of mine at the Open Mic event, and finished up with Curious Echo Radio Theater featuring a Shakespearean theme, i.e.: Tudor Suitors, The Serf Report, Sports News: Danish Royal Fencing Invitational, Titus’s Kitchen, and Cart Talk. Had a fabulous time, as usual!


Nothing political here, folks, just a sample column from the current Lord President of the Guardians of Gallifrey!  This would have in the September issue of the newsletter, had Hurricane Irma not caused its postponement. Instead, members received a double-sized September/October issue (and had memberships extended by one month).  The missing column:

“With September 2017, I am in Fall, freefall that is. Lots of events, club as well as personal. Between that and my usual deadline impairment, a short column, even for my standards:
-Thanks to everyone who came by last month to partake in our salute to Ryan K. Johnson’s Female Doctor fan films, not to mention a revisit to GHOSTLIGHT and Johnson’s parody STAR TREK THE PEPSI GENERATION, and more.
-Join us September 17th back at Sci-Fi-City for a little more of Ryan’s stuff, along with accounts of our recent adventures with the recent RiffTrax Presentation of THE FIVE DOCTORS (look for Julia’s account elsewhere this issue!) and the usual chat, business, planning, and of course DW video.
See you in the future,


We are with Vegas

I had planned to post a brief, up-beat message about Doctor Who being mentioned on the season premier of The Big Bang Theory, but circumstances dictated something more serious. Last year, just two weeks before the Guardians were to hold their 30th Anniversary Party, a gunman opened fire at the Pulse nightclub in nearby Orlando. Below is a message I posted on the Club’s Facebook page shortly after that tragedy, relevant again all too soon.

The Guardians Of Gallifrey: Doctor Who Fans of Central FL
Published by Julia Langston · · June 15, 2016 ·
For days I have not been able to bring myself to work on our Doctor Who Fan Fun Day. It seemed frivolous at best–and perhaps even in poor taste–to plan a party at a time of such sorrow.
This is not the first time tragedy has cast a shadow over a Guardian event. In 2001, we held a party to celebrate the release of the club’s double-issue yearbook, and the first commercial Doctor Who DVD. It had been planned for mid-September. Mere days before the gathering, the Twin Towers came down; we carried on.
Doctor Who itself first aired the day after the Kennedy assassination. The world mourned, but carried on.
The advice of my friends, fannish and otherwise, has convinced me that it is imperative we continue to gather together to share good times. We will carry on.