Excess from the Newsletter

Here’s a couple of items that didn’t make it into the Gallifrey Guardian:

Big Finish staffers returned to work on June 8, and have resumed shipping CDs and box sets to clear the backlog of pending orders that built up during the pandemic lockdown.

An unsubstantiated rumor that Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall will be leaving the show after Series 13 comes from YouTuber Gary Buechler of Nerdrotic. Buechler admits he cannot verify the statement, but says it comes from the same source who had previously informed him that the Doctor would be shown as originally female and that “they would be ret-conning the Doctor’s past” (as happened in The Timeless Children).

Now here’s some material that did make it in, but bears repeating:

According to DWM’s Emily Cook , the bonus feature released on the Doctor Who: LOCKDOWN! YouTube channel on June 7  is the last of the content planned for that site.  The video can be accessed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOJ0OU6Odh4. Better yet if you are still hunkering down at home and need a longer diversion, pull up YouTube’s Doctor Who Lockdown channel and let it run through its plethora of items.

My newest favorite DW webpage is DoctorWho.TV.‘s  https://www.doctorwho.tv/staying-in-the-tardis/ which is full of DW-related ways to pass the time while safely social distancing at home!

Homemade Who has once again extended a deadline for submitting fan-made re-creations of scenes from Doctor Who. Fans now have until July 31 to send in their clip; you might even win the Series 12 soundtrack album! See the rules (and the video montages from April and May) here: http://homemadewho.com/ . The competition is open to viewers all over the world.

My work schedule is heating up, so this may be my last post for a while. Hope to be back–briefly–by September.  — Julia


A Return to Paint the Trail

Back on January 7 of 2018, I posted about finding the TARDIS (and Doctor Ten and John Hurt) on part of Seminole County’s ‘Paint the Trail’ display. The day after the Guardians’ June Anniversary Party (34 years!), three of us walked the trail to check out the artwork. We found one additional piece of Doctor Who art (Hint: Don’t Blink!).

P.S. The answers to last week’s trivia quiz have been posted on our Answers Page.


June 2020 Trivia Contest

The Pandemic Edition: a.k.a. “Germs, Lockdowns, and Masks—Oh, My!”

1. The ravages of radioactive war once forced which famous foes into lockdown?
2. In Gridlock, bioengineered mood drugs like ‘Forget’ and ‘Happy’ mutated into an airborne plague. Name the drug responsible for the mass death of the New Earth Senate.
3. A convict in a fearsome mask terrorized the First Doctor and company as Koquilion. Name the episode.
4. In The Caves of Androzani, what did the Fifth doctor have to get to cure Peri of Spectrox Toxemia?
5. In Revenge of the Cybermen the Fourth Doctor revealed that a plague that decimated most of the Nerva Beacon crew was artificial. How was it spread?
6. An old reptilian race awakens, and unleashes a virus hoping to wipe out humanity; the Third Doctor finds a cure. Name the story (the exact title).
7. The Invisible Enemy–that became a quite visible giant prawn–has a connection to another character in the story.     A) Which character?     B) What is the connection?
8. Which mask did the Fourth Doctor choose for the titular Masque of Mandragora?
9. The Tenth Doctor exposes clones used as germ factories, for all intents and purposes. Name the story.
10. The TARDIS goes haywire and locks itself down! Name the story (two acceptable titles).

Tiebreaker (if needed):
Master of Masks: name the story for each alias

1. Colonel Masters
2. “O”
3. The Adjudicator
4. Professor Yana
5. Bruce
6. Doctor Who
7. Melkor

Answers on the Answer Page next week!