If you haven’t read yesterday’s post with the trivia questions, skip this one until you do! Answers to Dalek Movie Trivia are below:




1  Gone with the Daleks

2  The Dalek Strikes Back

3  Daleks of the Lost Ark (also accepted – Raiders of the Lost Dalek)

4  Dalek Encounters of the Third Kind

5  The Dalek Who Loved Me

6  The Good, the Bad, and the Dalek

7  The Dalek of Oz




As our January meeting is this weekend, I thought I would share a trivia contest from an earlier meeting. This one was inspired by a suggestion to substitute the word “Dalek” for a word in a movie title, as in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Daleks.” Here are your clues (answers in tomorrow’s blog post):

1  Daleks seize a southern mansion during the Civil War.

2  Daleks go after a rag-tag group of rebels who have blown up the Death Star.

3  Daleks search for the Ark of the Covenant.

4  A Dalek, obsessed by a strange tune, searches for extra-terrestrial life on Earth.

5  A Dalek secret agent stops a madman in an underwater city from taking over the world.

6  Three Dalek sharpshooters go in search of Confederate gold.

7  A girl travels to the Emerald City to ask a Dalek to send her home.


I was at ACME Comics last month, posting flyers for our Wholiday Party. (Among the more unusual Doctor Who items there were  a Sontaran figure and an Evolving Dalek Sek.) Coming home from ACME I found this:

I’ve since had time to investigate further (online and on location) and found this:

…and this:

(for you Star Wars fans).
They are all part of a project called Paint the Trail, and can be seen in various locations around Longwood, Florida.

Party tomorrow!

Spent most of today baking goodies: Dalek Droppings, chocolate chip meringue cookies (yes, the ones mentioned in the credits of a John Reid Adams Doctor Who fan video), and the appropriately-themed cake (photos later–I don’t want to spoil the surprise).

Auction items, prizes, books for sale, freebies, the piñata (again, photos later), games, trivia questions, decorations–whew! Party prep is almost done and tomorrow is the big day. I’ll get back to you AFTER recovering from the weekend’s activities.

Party Prep continues…

Long day of party preparations, but it’s coming together nicely. Got out the games — —

— DW Pictionary, Bowling for Daleks, Rocket Darts, Pin-the-Tail-on-K9, Tardis Beanbag Toss, and DW Dominoes. We’ll also have DW Yahtzee available.

And some free puzzles and craft items —

— bookmarks, crosswords and word search puzzles, origami Rockets (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!), and paper ornaments.

And the costumes and props to borrow for that perfect selfie.


James Corden (Craig Owens from Doctor Who) has a new baby girl,  his third child. So far, none have been named Stormageddon.

On a more personal note, I just watched the “official” trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special (twice, actually) and it was great motivation to work on the Wholiday Party! I have ideas for the piñata and cake, and am eager to put together the auction list, which includes some recently added items.

Dalek Humor?

The thought came to me in the shower and I couldn’t get it out of my head:


Yep, I took that photo in my garage just minutes ago. Here’s a photo with Salvador (Dalek) and friends, hanging out before a previous Guardian party.