Just celebrated Easter with fellow Doctor Who fans at the Guardians of Gallifrey meeting.  The discussion and video selection inspired a trivia contest which will, no doubt, show up at a future meeting. You can try it now, below (answers in next week’s blog post).

For questions 1 through 13, in keeping with the Easter theme of resurrection,  name in order the televised story in which each of the Doctors regenerated. Hint: questions 1 and 11 will have a part a) and part b), and don’t forget the War Doctor.

The last three questions are for bonus points: Name the episode in which the Doctor talks to a bunny; name the episode which takes place on Easter; and name the episode that includes an Easter hymn.

And if you were wondering what the little TARDISes had to do with Easter, think Easter egg hunt.


More News (many thanks to cultbox.uk!)

David Tennant, who has lent his voice to numerous other audiobooks, including Cressida Cowell’s The Wizard of Once, will narrate H.G. Well’s The War of the Worlds. Five of Well’s works will be released as “a special audio collection” on Audible April 11.

Doctor Who Series 11 Art Director Dafydd Shurmer was promoted to Production Designer.  Shurmer has been an Art Director on many productions including Sherlock. A different Production Designer, Darryl Hammer, was in charge of the portion of the production filmed in South Africa but it appears Shurmur is now the main Production Designer for the series.

Bradley Walsh in a fan photo at Cardiff and Vale: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D0hf_AxX0AERrxI.jpg
Photo of the campus set-dressed as a Police Station, and Mandip Gil with a fan:

A photo taken in Barry, Wales on Friday, March 15 with Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill:

It appears there was a prop pram with a prop baby inside it as part of the street scene (with a great quote!).

Several fans were able to take selfies with the three stars who play the thirteenth Doctor’s companions, Graham, Ryan, and Yasmin.

At the Cory’s Building on Bute Street in Cardiff, Wales on Monday, March 18 fans snap a selfie with thirteenth Doctor actress Jodie Whittaker.

Cardiff March 19 the Glamorgan Building of Cardiff University was set-dressed a park in Paris.

Walsh was photographed as he was leaving Barry Island.

A New Look for the DW Cast?

The Doctor Who cast, Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill in a photo shared by Shabang Theatre on Twitter.

Oh Doctor & friends , we love you!!! Thankyou for supporting #WDSD19 #lotsofsox

Kim Reuter & Russ Elias are SHABANG! Creating arts projects for children/YP with disabilities/additional needs, parents to Ruben R of The Dumping Ground


Here’s the trivia contest from our March meeting, courtesy of my daughter, who found it online and used it for a Doctor Who event at the library.  Match the correct regeneration of the Doctor with each quote. (Answers on the Answer Page, of course!)

  1. A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but it is by no means the most interesting.
  2. Do what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan.
  3. Do you know what thinking is? It’s just a fancy word for changing your mind.
  4. I hate computers and refuse to be bullied by them!
  5. I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I!
  6. I love humans. Always seeing patterns in things that aren’t there.
  7. Never give up. Never give in.
  8. Our destiny is in the stars, so let’s go and search for it.
  9. Rest is for the weary, sleep is for the dead.
  10. Somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice–and somewhere else, the tea is getting cold.
  11. There’s always something to look at if you open your eyes.
  12. There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes.
  13. Welcome to what I presume is your first alien planet! Don’t touch anything.
  14. Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.

Slight Spoilers

Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill, Tosin Cole and showrunner Chris Chibnall have completed location shooting in the Cape Town area in South Africa. Shooting began in January and wrapped early morning after a night shoot at Bowmans on Bree St in Cape Town on February 7. Filming also took place at Kogel Bay, Western Cape, and at Kersefontein Buest Farm in Hopefield. The cast and Chibnall appear to have enjoyed their weekends and days off in Cape Town, between filming what were most likely episodes 1 and 5 of the Series 12. Photos on cultbox.uk are here: http://cultbox.co.uk/news/doctor-who-filming-wraps-in-south-africa

According to the CV of the production designer for the portion of the filming block recently completed in South Africa, Jamie Stone is directing. Two members of the crew working in South Africa, a script supervisor and a camera operator, are listed as working on the first and fifth episode of Series 12. After the South Africa location filming, more of Stone’s Block 1 filming continued on location in Cardiff. Jamie Stone previously directed the Doctor Who short, “The Last Day,” the prelude to “The Day of The Doctor.”
A large section of Cardiff Bay Link road in Cardiff, Wales was closed off for Doctor Who filming February 10 for a late night shoot. One person at the scene captured a photo of the filming involving automobiles, one with a camera mount. The shoot was described in a fan’s tweet as within the Cardiff Bay Link road tunnel, and the area outside by the Queensgate roundabout. There was also a report of “seagulls” at the location, (or large birds resembling seagulls) “floating” in the air. It is possible these were actually drones mounted with cameras.
Filming for Doctor who series 12 took place at the Guildhall in Swansea, Wales over February 18 and 19, for a night shoot. Jodie Whittaker and all three companion actors were present. Fans have Tweeted photos with Jodie, Bradley, and Tosin…and Steven Fry.  Fry was seen on location in a 1940s-era tweed suit, along with extras wearing business attire. One fan Tweeted of the set in Swansea, “Looks like a parlour room…earlier there was a portrait of Victoria in the room.”
An ambulance cot prop was spotted with the TARDIS, which was seen in the Lord Mayor’s reception room in Swansea Guildhall. A prop plaque on the wall states: “In honour of those members of the Secret Intelligence Service who gave their lives in service of queen and country.”  Film crew members’ names are included in the list of the deceased, among them, Catherine Goldschmidt, cinematographer for the first filming block.  More plaques with earlier and later dates were spotted with more names of the film crew.  One Tweet (since deleted) listed the name of screenwriter Gareth Roberts on a plaque honoring Secret Service members who died after 2000.  A prop sign on a door read Chief of the Secret Intelligence Services and a directional sign pointed to the Cyber Security Department.

Doctor Who filming at Swansea Guildhall, Wales (go here for photos and video):

https://twitter.com/dwtargetfiles/status/1097934516264599552/photo/1 https://twitter.com/notkomaedakin/status/1097542284013420545/photo/1

News that missed the newsletter…

Two of the writers for Series 12–which is to air very early in 2020–may have been determined. Besides showrunner Chris Chibnall, Ed Hime (“It Takes You Away”) and Vinay Patel (“Demons of the Punjab”) are believed to be returning from Series 11. Hime’s online CV lsits “Doctor Who (Series 12).” Patel’s connection is based on a tweet taking place in the Roath Lock canteen, a good indication that he is again writing for Doctor Who. Victoria Asare-Archer (Hetty Feather, Wolfblood) and Prasanna Puwanarajah are mentioned as joining the writing team, although Puwanarajah is better known as an actor and director (Doctor Foster, Patrick Melrose). He appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures as a car salesman in Part 2 of “The Mark of the Berserker.”

Photos related to Doctor who filming near Cape Town, South Africa have emerged from several Instagram accounts, including Mandip Gill’s, Tosin Cole’s, and the official Doctor Who account. It appears that the bulk of the filming occurred in a remote area of South Africa with access to both the mountains and the seashore. While the cast stayed in Cape Town, they were transported to a filming base daily, possibly situated in Table Mountain National Park. Quite a few scenes have been filmed on an unknown beach.

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Former DW Production Designer Edward Thomas, who is also in South Africa, shared a selfie of himself with Chris Chibnall. (Production Designer Arwel Wyn Jones is not involved in Series 12, having chosen to work with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss on Dracula.)
One of the crew members in South Africa is assigned two episodes, 1 and 5, although numbering can change. Filming took place in South Africa for three weeks, ending the first full week of February. A night shoot on location for Doctor Who was scheduled for February 10 on the streets of Cardiff.

I see the TARDIS!–do you?

NASA posts image of ghostly blue objects, deep in the cosmos
Mark Kaufman,Mashable Sun, Feb 17 11:19 AM EST

Image: ESA/Hubble/NASA/K. Stapelfeldt

When a star is born, a chaotic light show ensues.
NASA’s long-lived Hubble Space Telescope captured vivid bright clumps moving through the cosmos at some 1,000 light years from Earth. The space agency called these objects clear “smoking gun” evidence of a newly formed star — as new stars blast colossal amounts of energy-rich matter into space, known as plasma.
Seen as the vivid blue, ephemeral clumps in the top center of the new image below, these are telltale signs of an energy-rich gas, or plasma, colliding with a huge collection of dust and gas in deep space.
As NASA says, these blue masses are transient creations in the cosmos, as “they disappear into nothingness within a few tens of thousands of years.”

These blue clumps are traveling at 150,000 mph toward the upper left direction (from our view, anyhow). In total, there are five of these ghostly clumps, hurtling through space.
NASA doesn’t identify the new star itself, called SVS 13, perhaps because it’s obscured by thick clouds of cosmic matter.
This collection of dust and gas is part of a distant nebula, which are often the remnants of exploded stars swirling through the infinity of space.

Viewing Suggestion

As February is Black History Month, I wanted to share this passage from the BBC’s Doctor Who webpage:

“Rosa” was one of the standout moments from series 11 with an amazing response to the story from fans around the world. [February 4th marked] 103 years since Rosa Parks (1913) was born and a chance for us to look back. The feedback to the episode was so strong, BBC News wrote a story on the reaction from fans while providing more information about the amazing woman.…The episode ended with the Doctor teaching Yaz, Ryan and Graham about what happened to Rosa Parks after the events of the episode. It was moments like this that caused school teachers to get in touch to tell us how they were using the episode in their classrooms.