A Blast from the (Recent) Past…

…and hope for the future.

Remember when friends could meet without masks? Here’s a couple of photos from Guardian events pre-pandemic.

First, wrestling over the Kerblam pinata at the 2019 Wholiday Party (it turned out so well, I couldn’t bear the thought of it being smashed.)

Next, a White Elephant gift exchange done at the January 2020 meeting. We ran out of time to do it at the previous month’s party, which had a theme of “Presents!”


Hang in there fans, better times are coming back. Until then,

Stay safe,

Stay strong,

Stay home.

Bits that didn’t make it into the Newsletter (including Spoilers)


Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks had a final official rating of 6.25 million viewers. (The final rating takes into account all those who recorded the program and watched it within one week.) The rating confirmed Doctor Who as the top-rated BBC One program for New Year’s Day, beating EastEnders which had 4.36 million watching. Overall on all channels Doctor Who was second for the day, with Coronation Street claiming the top spot with 6.39 million viewers.

On BBC’s The One Show, Russell T Davies announced that the first Doctor Who script he ever wrote will be adapted into a Big Finish audio adventure. Davies told how he found the 1985 script, a Sixth Doctor story now called “Mind of the Hodiac,” in a box full of old papers. He even tweeted several pages of the script during a watch-along of The Runaway Bride.

SERIES 13 NEWS (INCLUDES SPOILERS – this is your second warning!):

The BBC ran a short trailer after Revolution of the Daleks aired, introducing The Doctor’s newest companion, Dan, played by comedian and actor John Bishop (Little Crackers, Three Little Words podcast). The clip can be accessed here: Introducing John Bishop | Doctor Who: Series 13 – YouTube Bishop called the role “an absolute dream come true…” And said, “If I could tell my younger self that one day I would be asked to step on board the TARDIS, I would never have believed it.” Showrunner Chris Chibnall said the character of Dan was made for Bishop, and he had been in talks with him since before the pandemic. Dan is due to appear in the series from the first episode.

According to The Mirror, the thirteenth Doctor will regenerate at the end of Series 13. One insider said, “It’s all very hush-hush but it is known on set that Jodie is leaving and they are gearing up for a regeneration.” It is believed she intends to stick to the traditional three seasons. Apparently Jodie Whittaker is interested in taking on other roles, although in an interview with The Telegraph shortly before November, she indicated she wasn’t eager to leave Doctor Who. When contacted by Digital Spy, the BBC refused to either confirm or deny the report that Whittaker would be leaving.

And now, photos from January filming:


…and video!

Elliott Jedras on Instagram: “BREAKING NEWS! SPOILER WARNING! Sontarans spotted on filming in Cardiff! A big thank you to a friends of mine for filming these He told…”   

Thanks to my online sources: DoctorWhoNews.net and Cultbox.uk

Another Doctor Who reference

Once again, a short message, and with a quote from The Librarians (yep, I’m still working my way through the series, roughly one episode per day). The mother of one of the librarians, on being taken through the magic door into the library, says, “Our shed is bigger on the inside?” Now I want to discover the writer for the series who is the Doctor Who fan. Reminds me of an article I wrote many years ago pointing out Doctor Who references in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Hmmm, if I can just find it before my next GoG Blog post…


Doctor Who Drabble (yes, another one)

Here’s a Drabble previously published in the October 2020 issue of the Gallifrey Guardian.


“Goodbye, Tiny.”

“Where will she go, Doctor?

“Somewhere cold, I imagine.”

Tiny glided past, sank out of sight, and headed north. She made a brief stop in Scotland, where she met a distant relative inaccurately named “Nessie.” Their joy at having found another of their kind led to a union blessed by several offspring.

The children scattered around the globe, sometimes achieving legendary status of their own. Coastal dwellers from Maine to Japan, San Francisco, Victoria, Nova Scotia, and the Cape of Good Hope have tales of local sea serpents. (Natives of St. Simons Island, Georgia, call theirs Altamaha-ha.)

A Word About Drabbles:  Drabbles are short (100 words or less) stories; those you read on this blog are all set in the Doctor Who universe.

The 4-part Drabble I posted December 20th through 23rd, 2020 was obviously inspired by The Doctor’s farewell remark to Rose in Doomsday, showing it had been simmering in my mind for quite a while. Nergal, mentioned in part 2, was an ancient god of Mesopotamia. The inspiration for Part 4, which tied it all together, was an article carried in a local newspaper about Victor Buso, an amateur astronomer who did witness the birth of a supernova.

Likewise, my Drabble “1814” was based on Thin Ice, but was inspired by information I came across about a ‘sea serpent’ while researching St. Simons Island, Georgia prior to a visit there. All of the locations mentioned at the end of that drabble do have their own sea serpent legends.

My point being, inspiration is out there! Below are more headlines that could inspire a Doctor Who Drabble.

  • Science reveals the answer to the Yeti mystery: Bears
  • NASA: Cause of ISS mystery hole will be determined
  • Tiny mystery skeleton was human girl
  • Temperate planet (Ross 128 b) could meet requirements for habitability
  • Saturn moon rings with possibilities of life
  • Mysterious asteroid the size of a dwarf planet is lurking in our solar system
  • Radio signals detected from the direction of Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to our own sun
  • Astronomers see possible hints of life above Venus

That last article has already been refuted, but it did include a phrase that left me smiling: “After three astronomers met in a bar in Hawaii…” Doesn’t it just beg for a punch line? “Three astronomers walk into a bar…” Can you finish the joke?

Bits, and Get a Free Doctor Who Newsletter!

Had a good day today, but how could it be otherwise when it started with watching the latest launch from the Cape—one of the things I love about living in Central Florida!

Am I alone in seeing reminders of The Doctor all around? Last night I was watching a political parody by James Cordon (yes, from “The Lodger”) based on Les Miz, and one of the performers in the musical number was Matt Lucas, who played Nardole on Doctor Who.

Here’s an idea for an easy way to earn a free issue of our Club’s amazing newsletter, the Gallifrey Guardian. Send a photo and/or brief article to the editor at ceronomus@gmail.com telling how Doctor Who added to your holiday cheer. If your submission makes it in, you will receive a free email copy of the issue in which it appears. As an example, this would be mine:

I watched several of the Specials, sharing most with my grandchild,

and got a Doctor Who-themed birthday card and these presents for the holidays.

I also kept up my New Year’s Eve tradition (for a quarter of a century now) of watching the Doctor Who television movie, “The Enemy Within,” starring Paul McGann. It timed out perfectly, with the characters counting down to midnight at precisely the same time it was happening in real life.

Bits and Pieces

I’ve been streaming shows lately, and a Doctor Who reference popped up in an episode of The Librarians. One of the main characters, describing a house that can travel anywhere in the world, compared it to the TARDIS.


Jodie Whitaker, talking about pandemic precautions taken during filming of Doctor Who, said:  “There’s real respect on set. Nobody’s in any way like, ‘Eurgh, this is annoying.’ Because it’s not annoying; it’s necessary and it’s fine. There’s nothing we can do except follow all the government guidelines and be as responsible as we can…none of this has taken the joy out of being back on set. It hasn’t taken away any of the fun or any of the banter. We’re still in good spirits.”

[We need more of that attitude in the world, the country, our state, the local grocery store…]


For a free e-book Blackpool Remembered, click here: Https://blackpoolremembered7485.wordpress.com/


And finally, not exactly Doctor Who-related, but I know some of my fellow locals will remember fondly the Skycraft Surplus building in Winter Park. Inside were all the odd parts and bits of electronics you’d need to build your own creations, while the outside was decorated with rockets and a flying saucer. Plans have been made to replace the store with a medical office building. There is a tenuous Doctor Who fan connection—some of the bits on my TARDIS console came from Skycraft.

Excess Newsletter Stuff – includes Spoilers!

Here are some  photos that didn’t fit into this month’s Gallifrey Guardian. First, images of the Chibi Pin Badges from Hero Collector Eaglemoss, released for Revolution of the Daleks:


Now a few more photos to go with the Spoilers, showing some returning villains for the next Series:


If you missed the article that went with these photos, get over to our website at THE GUARDIANS OF GALLIFREY and join now for 12 issues of our FANtastic club newsletter!


Farewell 2020

Did you know more people celebrate New Year’s around the world than any other holiday? This year I suspect will be one with more people glad to see the end of the old year than ever before. (My favorite holiday card this year is one showing 2020 in a rear-view mirror.) As my co-workers toasted earlier today, “Here’s to 2020 truly being hindsight.”

But hang in there, Who fans, 2021 is coming. At 7pm our Eastern Standard Time, London will be ringing in the New Year, and you know what that means—the Doctor Who Holiday Special is on its way!

Happy Who Year



DRABBLE: 4 of 4 parts

“There is your evidence,” snapped The Valeyard. “The natural cultural evolution of two planets has been altered—a clear violation of the Laws of Time!”

“Most would say the change is for the better,” replied the Lord President. “Both species are now destined to advance as a less violent civilization. There shall be no punishment; however, we shall address the discrepancy.”

Victor stared at the brilliant light captured by the camera mounted on his telescope. As a dedicated amateur astronomer he knew such things existed, but…could it be? Yes! He had just witnessed the birth of a supernova!