Final SyFy Bartow Post?

Finally, the post that should have started the whole SyFy Bartow 2023 trilogy! SyFy Bartow is a science-fiction street festival held annually in Bartow, Florida for the past ten years.

This year’s theme was Star Trek. Last year’s event attracted an estimated 30,000 attendees. The festival took over several city blocks downtown on Saturday, February 18, with vendors, fan clubs, food trucks and FANtastically decorated cars.

One of the first tables I saw was staffed by our friends at StoneHill, Anne and her crew, promoting Necronomicon [September 22 – 24 at Embassy suites USF in Tampa – shameless plug by me! jl].

Near them were the Dalek Builders (Florida Brigade), with two impressive full-sized Daleks.

An outdoor stage featured acts like “the Amazing Ralph and his Accordion” and “Klingons Lore Singers of Kag;” an Outer Rim lightsaber demonstration; panels on Pokemon, Star Trek, and cosplay; musicians; and the Miss SyFy Bartow Pageant, Costume Contest, and Awards for Car and Art Show winners. One street was lined with photo ops, mostly with Star Wars backgrounds.

A TARDIS was set up in the intersection at the center of the Car Show, and was the site of many a selfie by Who fans. (No, I don’t know who supplied the TARDIS, but I’m going to do my best to find out!)

You’ve already seen pics of Who fans and merchandise, but here are a couple more shots, followed by links of interest.

Daleks of Florida have a Facebook fan page here:

You can find out more about Necronomicon at

Here’s a link to more about Bartow SyFy 2023:  (20+) SYFY Bartow | Bartow FL | Facebook

Plan ahead for next year’s event, which has a time travel theme!


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