Party update – More Presents!

Yup, thanks to a generous donation by our newsletter editor, we will have DVDs of classic Who to give away as door prizes — no one goes home empty-handed! DVDs are pictured below:

Also, the price for the Bernice Summerfield audio collection in the auction has been lowered to $15. Check the November 25 GoG Blog post for the list.

And here’s our piñata, with candy for all (if we dare open it!).


More Pics from Doctor Who Anniversary Day

Here are two more photos from Fandomania at the Deltona Library:  a view of our second Club table and one of fans adding to the Clara Memorial TARDIS (which will be available for even more graffiti at the Wholiday Party).


And here are two from Gods & Monsters, which offered a free drink to cosplayers (check out the Specials).


Finally, a last bit of excess newsletter material:

On The Graham Norton Show, Jodie Whittaker reflected on the fame that has come with being the Doctor, and revealed a particularly embarrassing incident. “It’s an interesting thing and it’s all over the world and you have this weird narcissism thing where you think everyone is watching you,” she continued.
“The most embarrassing thing happened to me yesterday on the tube. I was standing on the platform with my empty reusable cup and an elderly gentleman walked towards me and put his arm into my space and I was like, ‘What are you doing?’
“He said sorry and explained he was trying to put some money in my cup! He had no idea who I was!”

More to come, but right now I’m off to party prep!

Wholiday Party details

I’ve been posting about it for weeks and forgot to start with specific details–d’oh! It’s the annual December meeting/party held by the Guardians of Gallifrey and hosted this year (and many past) by me. Hey, I’ve got a classic TARDIS console room set in my garage–how else am I going to show it off? Saturday, December 21, from noon to midnight at 170 Broadmoor Ave. in Lake Mary, Florida, join other Doctor Who fans to celebrate the season.

We’ll have food, Doctor Who viewing, a trivia contest, Doctor Who versions of party games like Pictionary and Character Headbands, carny-style games of Bowling for Daleks and TARDIS Toss, piñata-bashing, an auction, and more activities. The piñata will be taken care of around 3:00 p.m., weather permitting, and the auction at 6:00 p.m. Other activities are free-flowing and continuous, ending with a late-night genre but non-Who movie. For an idea of what to expect at a Wholiday Party, check out GoG Blog posts from December 2017 and 2018. For more info on this year’s party, go to our website and Facebook page.

This year’s theme, in keeping with the (W)holiday, is PRESENTS! Bring your favorite Doctor Who gift for Show-n-Tell, or just tell the story behind it. (Mine is featured in the GoG Blog post from December 2.)  We’ll have a mini-gift exchange, with gifts supplied by the Club, and maybe some door prizes, too. It’s all about the giving!

Excess Newsletter Material (including Spoilers!)

According to a student who attended a question and answer session at Sheffield Hallam University, Chris Chibnall told the audience that the Doctor Who Series 12 opener will be “the biggest episode in the show’s history.” A BBC One source to the Mirror said, “It’s going to be huge. The scale is just epic. No one will be disappointed.”

TV & Satellite Week magazine published an interview with Chibnall which gave more details on Series 12. The show will be going deeper into the characters and into the Doctor’s past. The new series is “more ambitious in terms of scale and storytelling. But you’re also going to have a massive laugh because it’s hugely entertaining.”
Radio Times recently interviewed Chibnall, who said the new series will be a step up, with more scale, fun, and some new and old monsters. Chibnall said he “really wanted to see Jodie against the Cybermen…we’ve done something slightly different with them.” There appear to be several types of Cybermen for Series 12, who—according to the Mirror—are to appear in Episode 8, which is set in the 19th Century.


Jodie Whittaker, as reported in the January issue of SFX magazine said, “Some of these episodes go in a direction that is different for the Doctor than the previous seasons, that shows a side to her that we haven’t seen yet.”
Chris Chibnall, in the same article (which covered the press event at Roath Lock Studios on September 24) said there will be more historical stories in Series 12. Known historical episodes include Episode 2, set in occupied Paris during World War II; Episode 4, set in New York City in the time of Nikola Tesla; and Episode 8, with scenes set in the 19th century filmed at Merthyr Mawr House in Wales.
The press event included a tour of the TARDIS interior set for the attending journalists. It appears the new Production Designer, Dafydd Shurmer, has made changes to the TARDIS. Journalists were not allowed to take photos, and photos posted by a fan on Instagram who visited the set over the summer have been removed.
During the press event on September 24, Chibnall hinted at a possible series arc. “It’s probably a bit scarier…We’ve definitely got some bigger action set pieces. We’ve got some old monsters [and] some really brilliant new monsters. And there’s a little thread trickling through.” A line of dialogue in the trailer could affirm the story arc, as the Doctor says, “Something’s coming for me. I can feel it.” [Some theorize it could refer to the Timeless Child mentioned in The Ghost Monument.)

In an interview with Radio Times, Bradley Walsh warned of terrifying new monsters in Series 12. In his words, “[they] will absolutely make your hair curl. There’s a couple of monsters that they’ve come up with that are absolutely terrifying – and I mean terrifying.” Walsh said his character, Graham, will be thrown into even more incredible situations than in the previous series.
On the multiple press visit to Roath Lock Studios on September 24, the cast spoke of a terrifying monster that can pass through walls. “I was proper scared,” said Tosin Cole, who plays Ryan. “The one in the wall…there is a scene where it was me and Mandip and the wall and we were barricaded in…came through the wall.”
“I was really scared,” said Jodie Whittaker. “One of the notes from the director was ’I know you’re scared but the Doctor would probably kind of maybe contain it a little more.’ And I’m screaming! I can’t cope with something coming out of the dark.” theorized the most likely episodes to feature this monster are Episode 3, where the beige bone-like leg of a monster was spotted on a crew member’s social media post; Episode 4, rumored to have a scene in New York City during the Victorian Era; Episode 5, alleged to have children in the cast; or episode 7, which did not have much location filming.

Jodie Whittaker had a close encounter with a dangerous spider while filming in South Africa. On The Graham Norton Show, Jodie said: We were filming in South Africa and…I run out of the building into the wilderness as this Sac spider just crawled down my face, on my collarbone and went [inside my costume]…I absolutely bricked it and can’t repeat what I said. Costume was off and our [First Assistant Director] was English, pretty casually just picked it up and chucked it as all the South Africans were going, “No no no no!” And then we found out I could have died! Apparently a spider was part of the filming of the episode, as explained by Whittaker to fellow guest Kevin Hart.

Director Emma Sullivan posted photos from Episode 7 filming. A photo of Jodie Whittaker holding an Episode 7 slate has the outline of a hand on it, with Whittaker wearing a high-tech-looking cuff on her wrist. Other photos include a slate with a silhouette of the Doctor peering through the TARDIS doors; a photo of Tosin Cole on the TARDIS interior set; and other sets including a young girl’s bedroom, a fireplace, and the garden of an estate (likely Merthyr Mawr House). The drawing of the hand and the mysterious cuff are clues to Episode 7. Episode 8 was filmed at Merthyr Mawr House and is rumored to feature Mary Shelley. You can see the photos on Instagram here:

From what has become my favorite place for Doctor Who news, here are breakdowns (with still photos) of the first two trailers and the wrap party release video:

This image of Sir Lenny Henry from Spyfall was released along with the trailer.

And here’s Stephen Fry

Guest stars Goran Visnjic and Robert Glenister, who will appear in later episodes.

Hey, Guardians, can you guess which news articles in the Gallifrey Guardian go with these photos?


Wholiday Party booksale

Just a reminder that we will have our usual books/magazines/comics sale ongoing during the Wholiday party (Saturday, December 21). Besides lots of classic and more recent Doctor Who Magazines, we have books and dvds:

(DVD sets are priced at $1 per disc)

We also purchased this book at a local shop on Doctor Who’s anniversary, and it will be available at cost:

Of course, there will be comics. Here’s a sampling of them:

I have to say, I have been amazed at the variety of styles in Doctor Who comics. Check out this smorgasbord of the 12th Doctor:

To see (and maybe buy) more, come to the party!

Birthday Who

Nice to have a birthday near the anniversary of Doctor Who.

I got this from my family:

which came with this:

and my granddaughter decorated the packaging for me:

What a great present–and just in time for the Wholiday Party (my daughter knows me so well!).