Wholiday Party booksale

Just a reminder that we will have our usual books/magazines/comics sale ongoing during the Wholiday party (Saturday, December 21). Besides lots of classic and more recent Doctor Who Magazines, we have books and dvds:

(DVD sets are priced at $1 per disc)

We also purchased this book at a local shop on Doctor Who’s anniversary, and it will be available at cost:

Of course, there will be comics. Here’s a sampling of them:

I have to say, I have been amazed at the variety of styles in Doctor Who comics. Check out this smorgasbord of the 12th Doctor:

To see (and maybe buy) more, come to the party!

Birthday Who

Nice to have a birthday near the anniversary of Doctor Who.

I got this from my family:

which came with this:

and my granddaughter decorated the packaging for me:

What a great present–and just in time for the Wholiday Party (my daughter knows me so well!).