Small Universe

I managed to visit four local museums last Saturday for Smithsonian Day–how did you do?  Picking out the most art-related T-shirt in my wardrobe, I chose one with the exploding TARDIS on Van Gogh’s Starry Night field.  At the last art museum, there was a young woman wearing a dress with the same design!


We’re famous!

The Guardians of Gallifrey are in “Red, White, and Who”! Thanks to our newsletter editor (out of state and safe from Irma) for the heads-up. Coverage of our group includes the cover of the March 2004 Gallifrey Guardian.


Most of these appeared in the November 2004 issue of the Gallifrey Guardian. (If there is anything you’ve forgotten in your hurricane prep, maybe this list will remind you.)
1) The plywood boarding up my front window had a faux finish.
2) My sliding glass doors were barricaded by a replica of Davros’ chair.
3) The valuables I packed in the washing machine for safe-keeping included the raw footage for a DW fanvideo.
4) The @$#%^&* Uninterrupted Power Source unit I used to protect the iMovie-equipped computer I bought to edit the fanvideo drove me crazy beeping for the first two hours after the power went out!                                                                                                              5) I moved Daleks, K-9, and boxes of Club merchandise away from doors and windows to avoid flood damage.
6) The Lord President and I had a two-member barbecue the day after Charley to eat up the perishables before they went bad.
7) My first chance at a working computer I emailed GoG members about my survival and collected replies to publish in the Gallifrey Guardian and chat room.
8) From my daughter’s blog, writing about the second impending hurricane: “…shouldn’t be too bad. As long as we can keep my mom from talking about politics or Dr Who, we won’t go stir crazy.”
9) As soon as the roads were passable (and everyone else was looking for gas or food), I went in search of an open office supply store to make copies of the newsletter to mail.

Now, go prepare for Irma, and stay safe!