Who fans, unite (again)!

From my fave spot for Doctor Who news, cultbox.co.uk:

Following the successful fan events of #SaveTheDay and #TripOfALifetime, Doctor Who Magazine writer Emily Cook has organized another communal fan watch-along and live tweet of the Doctor Who series 5 episode Vincent and the Doctor – on Vincent van Gogh’s birthday.
On Monday March 30, Cook invites fans all over the world to watch Vincent and the Doctor from their homes with Matt Smith (the Doctor) Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Tony Curran (Vincent van Gogh), Bill Nighy (museum curator Dr. Black), writer Richard Curtis, and script editor Emma Freud.

Along with March 21st’ The Day of the Doctor and March 26th’ Rose, these events are organized to help alleviate the loneliness, restlessness and anxiety Doctor Who fans are experiencing from the confinement and physical distance from others due to the need to limit exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Take your DVD off the shelf or watch a streaming service and join Karen Gillan and your fellow Doctor Who fans on Twitter on Monday, March 30 at 7pm GMT to watch Vincent and the Doctor.
Keep an eye on @Emily_Rosina, who will direct you to Bill Nighy’s and Richard Curtis’ new Twitter accounts and use the hashtag #TheUltimateGinger to join the conversation.


Doctor Who in the media?

I heard what might have been a Doctor Who reference on a radio show this morning. The host had as her guest a chef who was going to suggest easy meals to cook for those who are unused to cooking but currently find themselves stuck at home. Before the interview began, the host shared some of the more interesting ‘meals’ she had heard about from her listeners: hotdogs and strawberry jam, melted cheese with barbecue sauce, and fish fingers and custard!

To pass the time…

If you’re hunkered down (Florida talk) suffering from corona-imposed social isolation and looking for something to do, check out our trivia contests and puzzles.  They can be found in the posts for January 16 and 30 in 2018; and March 24, April 21, May 29, and September 22 in 2019.  Answers are available on our Answers Page (d’uh!).

Future posts will include patterns for Doctor Who crafts the club has made over our 34-year history.

Spoilers if you didn’t see the finale

I’m back after my extended work-related absence. So much to catch up on; finished off the current season today. I enjoyed the 3-parter, but did have a few “hmmmm…” moments:

Did anyone else think The Master behaves more like a child who was tortured by their mother-figure than the Doctor? Having lived for eons (from the beginning of Time-Lord culture) would also explain his insane desperation to ‘end it all’–taking his own life along with all other organic creatures on the planet.

Seeing how easily The Master dispatched the Cybermen’s fanatical human leader really drilled home how much The Doctor’s refusal to kill hampers her ability to stop a villain before they commit further atrocities. Fortunately for the universe, she always succeeds in the end.

And who didn’t guess the old warrior would sacrifice his life so The Doctor wouldn’t have to do it?