Guardians Get Together

We had our second in-person meeting this year, last weekend at Sci-Fi City. Darren and Ben kindly agreed to be my guinea pigs and try out the prototype of the Doctor Who Memory Game I created while in lock-down. (That’s our noble leader, Arthur, in the background).

Here’s a photo of a typical game in process:

Keep in mind, this is just the prototype. I’m working on the finished product which will have more photo-like graphics (no copyright infringement intended). I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


Lots of Bits

Does anyone have Doctor Who Magazine issue 564, released April 29, with Paul McGann on the cover? It has a rundown of references to DW in American TV series and films.


There’s a sale on CDs (Doctor Who, Dark Shadows, etc) at the Big Finish website, some for really low prices:


You can watch the trailer for Doctor Who Time Fracture here:


I keep being reminded of Doctor Who by seemingly unrelated media, which makes me even more eager for the show’s return this fall. Watching a recent episode of the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, I noticed the director was Rachel Talalay, who also directed seven episodes of Doctor Who. On the final episode of the British show The Detectorists, one of the lead characters explained the allure of metal detecting by saying it enabled participants to be ‘time-travelers.’


Remember my post a while back about the car with the Doctor Who license tag frame? Well, it’s happened again; I saw a second Doctor Who fan’s car on Lake Mary Blvd on April 30. It was awash with DW stuff: a peace/love/TARDIS graphic, Hello Sweetie, TARDIS graphics on either side of the license plate, a Dalek with smaller figures (like a family), etc. I still haven’t figured out how to signal back my fandom—would it be crazy to put a Doctor Who bumper sticker on the front of my car? If anyone know who owns this car, please tell them about the Guardians–before I get arrested for vehicular stalking!