The latest edition of Lake Mary Life magazine included an article which began “Chances are, if you’ve walked the halls of Lake Mary High School over the past few years, you’ve seen teenagers donning bow ties. They aren’t participating in dapper day or cosplaying Doctor Who — they are wearing the bow ties that were gifted to them by their physics teacher, Luther Davis.” !

Check out the Classic Guardians page; Margo’s remembrance of her experience at the Mercado Bus Tour with Jon Pertwee has been added.


Doctor Who gets press

Do you follow Entertainment Weekly Magazine ? Doctor Who was mentioned twice in the June 16 issue. The July 1 finale was picked as one of the items in their “Summer Bucket List” and the Doctor’s quote regarding problems of Earth he would like to fix (“Racism. People who talk in cinemas.”) made it in as a Soundbite.  In a later issue, the season finale made it on the list of “10 things not to miss this week.”



Viewing scenes in which the Doctor and Missy reminisce about their childhood friendship reminded me of a story I wrote long ago. Here it is, straight from the pages of the Guardians of Gallifrey 1996 Yearbook.







So far, so good…

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