Doctor Who Shout-outs

Whole lot of streaming going on, with Doctor Who sneaking into other shows:

My daughter called to let me know an episode of Killing Eve had a character ask another who was the cutest on Doctor Who and received the answer, “Rose Tyler.” (Billy Matthews played Dominik on Killing Eve and Cornelius from “Eaters of Light” on Doctor Who.)

Watching The Magicians recently, a character was shown attempting to buy a Bag of Holding “whatever that is.” The black market magic vendor tells her, “It’s a kind of Doctor Who thing–a bag that’s bigger on the inside.”


I’m Back…

Just a quick one tonight, as I’m still trying to catch up with all the mundane stuff that was neglected during my busy work season. Check out the newest addition to the NEW SERIES GUARDIANS page, as I have added the next installment in my 2013 Doctor Who Vacation series.