September Newsletter Leftovers – including SPOILERS!

First, this photo of the cast of Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodar:

Did you spot Sophie Aldred (second from left)?

Next–and don’t say we didn’t warn you–SPOILERS from Doctor Who filming:


(Be sure you hit the forward arrow):



A Last Word on the Hurricane

As many homeowners do, prior to the arrival of the expected hurricane, I took photos of my home, in the event it became necessary to make a claim on my homeowner’s insurance. I somehow doubt anyone at AllState could put a value on my property and belongings (pictured).

The Living/Dining room area

My Garage

What’s the going rate for a Dalek?

How about a TARDIS console?


R.I.P. Terrance Dicks

Terrance Dicks, a prolific writer of classic Who scripts and Target novelizations of Doctor Who stories, has passed away.

I met Terrance on the Sci-Fi Sea Cruise in 2003, and took him out to the Pirate Dinner Theatre when he visited Orlando for an event in 2008. He was funny and entertaining and a writer to the end. (He has a story in a new Doctor Who anthology coming out in October.)  He will be missed.

Two from the 2008 event:

With Guardians of Gallifrey member Patrick.

With Guardian Edward and myself (giving him my fan art of the Robot).

On the 2003 Sci-Fi Sea Cruise:

Farewell, Terrance.