Free Comic Book Day is Coming!

On May the 4th (“May the fourth be with you”), I’ll take my annual Guardian road trip to celebrate Free Comic Book Day. [Update: found out Heroes Landing has closed, so am substituting GNaOT – a shop so new they don’t have FCBD plans.] Arrival time for the first stop is 10:00 a.m., with each stop after that about an hour apart. If you would care to join in anywhere along the route, here’s the updated itinerary:

ACME Comics; Guns, Knives, and Other Things; BAMF Comics; A Comic Shop (probably pause for lunch about noon); Sci-Fi City; West Orange Comics and Games; Krum’s World Comics; Windu Comics (pause for a quick dinner); Gods & Monsters.

Followed by a movie — The Avengers, of course!

If you don’t make it, check out future blog posts; there will be photos.





Just celebrated Easter with fellow Doctor Who fans at the Guardians of Gallifrey meeting.  The discussion and video selection inspired a trivia contest which will, no doubt, show up at a future meeting. You can try it now, below (answers in next week’s blog post).

For questions 1 through 13, in keeping with the Easter theme of resurrection,  name in order the televised story in which each of the Doctors regenerated. Hint: questions 1 and 11 will have a part a) and part b), and don’t forget the War Doctor.

The last three questions are for bonus points: Name the episode in which the Doctor talks to a bunny; name the episode which takes place on Easter; and name the episode that includes an Easter hymn.

And if you were wondering what the little TARDISes had to do with Easter, think Easter egg hunt.

More News (many thanks to!)

David Tennant, who has lent his voice to numerous other audiobooks, including Cressida Cowell’s The Wizard of Once, will narrate H.G. Well’s The War of the Worlds. Five of Well’s works will be released as “a special audio collection” on Audible April 11.

Doctor Who Series 11 Art Director Dafydd Shurmer was promoted to Production Designer.  Shurmer has been an Art Director on many productions including Sherlock. A different Production Designer, Darryl Hammer, was in charge of the portion of the production filmed in South Africa but it appears Shurmur is now the main Production Designer for the series.

Bradley Walsh in a fan photo at Cardiff and Vale:
Photo of the campus set-dressed as a Police Station, and Mandip Gil with a fan:

A photo taken in Barry, Wales on Friday, March 15 with Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill:

It appears there was a prop pram with a prop baby inside it as part of the street scene (with a great quote!).

Several fans were able to take selfies with the three stars who play the thirteenth Doctor’s companions, Graham, Ryan, and Yasmin.

At the Cory’s Building on Bute Street in Cardiff, Wales on Monday, March 18 fans snap a selfie with thirteenth Doctor actress Jodie Whittaker.

Cardiff March 19 the Glamorgan Building of Cardiff University was set-dressed a park in Paris.

Walsh was photographed as he was leaving Barry Island.

A New Look for the DW Cast?

The Doctor Who cast, Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill in a photo shared by Shabang Theatre on Twitter.

Oh Doctor & friends , we love you!!! Thankyou for supporting #WDSD19 #lotsofsox

Kim Reuter & Russ Elias are SHABANG! Creating arts projects for children/YP with disabilities/additional needs, parents to Ruben R of The Dumping Ground