Answers to Doctor Who Easter Trivia posted April 21, 2019:

  1.   a) The Tenth Planet     b) Twice Upon a Time
  2.   The War Games
  3.   Planet of the Spiders
  4.   Logopolis
  5.   The Caves of Androzani
  6.   Time and the Rani
  7.   The Enemy Within (Fox TV movie)
  8.   The Night of the Doctor (mini-episode)
  9.   The Day of The Doctor (War Doctor)
  10.   The Parting of the Ways
  11.   a)  Journey’s End     b) The End of Time
  12.   The Time of the Doctor
  13.   Twice Upon a Time

Bonus Questions:

  1.  The Day of The Doctor
  2.   Planet of the Dead
  3.   Gridlock


Answers to Doctor Who Quotes Trivia posted March 24, 2019:

  1. Third Doctor
  2. Eleventh Doctor
  3. Twelfth Doctor
  4. Second Doctor
  5. Ninth Doctor
  6. Eighth Doctor
  7. The War Doctor (no, it’s not Galaxy Quest)
  8. First Doctor
  9. Sixth Doctor
  10. Seventh Doctor
  11. Fifth Doctor
  12. Fourth Doctor
  13. Thirteenth Doctor
  14. Tenth Doctor


As promised at Time Lord Fest, click below for the answers to the Kiss of the Doctor crossword puzzle posted January 30, 2018:



Answers to Dalek Movie Titles trivia from January 16, 2018 :

1 Gone with the Daleks
2 The Dalek Strikes Back
3 Daleks of the Lost Ark (also accepted – Raiders of the Lost Dalek)
4 Dalek Encounters of the Third Kind
5 The Dalek Who Loved Me
6 The Good, the Bad, and the Dalek
7 The Dalek of Oz