More Bartow Syfy

Here’s a montage of Doctor Who merchandise I saw at Bartow SyFy last week:

…and here are links to the vendors’ websites or Facebook pages. No, I’m not telling who sold what—you’ll just have to check out all of them!

(20+) FireBunny Games | Auburndale FL | Facebook

Dave’s Comic Box (

Table Art — Table Games — Anything Art

Dr. Who | Savage Canvas Arts (

(20+) Creative Image Designs | Facebook

amanet17 – Etsy

One last vendor with some Doctor Who merchandise was PopCulturama (or possibly Pop Culture Rama). I was unable to get their website address, but you may be able to find them on Facebook.

Several of the artists will create custom art to the client’s specifications.


Bartow SyFy 2023

A quick post from the Bartow SyFy event, which I attended on Saturday. (More details in future posts.) Tonight I just wanted to show proof that I was not the only Doctor Who fan there!

This last picture was of a whole family of Who fans, who kindly took a photo of me in the TARDIS (which might show up in a future post).

Next time: Doctor Who merchandise at Bartow SyFy!

Doctor Who in other shows

Very brief post today: I’ve been streaming The Simpsons (one episode at a time) for the past year. In Season 23, Episode 9, “Holidays of Future Passed,” Daleks patrolled the streets of London in front of Saint Beatles Cathedral. Another Dalek chased a scantily clad young woman in and out of the Benny Hilton.