More Bits

I recently finished reading A Life in Film: Peter Cushing and was surprised at how many of the actors, directors, writers, and producers I recognized from Doctor Who. While the section covering Cushing’s two Doctor Who movies (or should that be Dr. Who movies?) was relatively small, several references were made to the role throughout the book. Peter himself brought it up in an interview many years later.

I had just taken down my calendar from Cushing’s second Who movie, Dalek Invasion Earth 2150. (I purchase old Doctor Who calendars at Guardian auctions and re-use them. Every January, I check my collection for one that starts on the correct day for the current year and put it up in my home office.)

I also found out that the RiffTrax version of Dr. Who and the Daleks was on Amazon Prime. Three Peter Cushing references at once; is the universe trying to tell me something?

Not Who, but…

Visiting family just before Thanksgiving, I was concerned my being masked up might freak out the little kids, but I needn’t have worried. Wearing an N-95 mask, I walked into a room where the boys (4 and 6 years old) were doing some pretending. The older one looked at me and shouted, “Look out! It’s Darth Vader!” so I pointed at them and—in my best Vader voice—said, “Luke, I am your father.”

(I’ve been wanting to take a black Sharpie to an N-95 and turn it into Vader’s mask for over a year now—guess it wasn’t necessary!)


Orlando for NASFic 2023?

During our Zoom business meeting today, Juan* of the Orlando Area Science Fiction Society brought up Orlando’s bid for NASFiC in 2023. (Serendipitous, as I had learned of it earlier from and planned to make that the subject of my next blog.) The North American Science Fiction Convention is held only when Worldcon takes place outside North America. As Worldcon will be held in China in 2023, a group of fans has thrown Florida’s hat into the ring. The group has a Facebook and Twitter presence, with a “placeholder” page for a starter website.

In 1992 Worldcon, called MagiCon that year, was held in Orlando, and the organizers for the 2023 NASFiC bid are looking in the same area for a venue (i.e., near/at the Orange County Convention Center). You can get a taste of MagiCon on our “Classic Guardians” page with a newly posted reprint of an article by Charles from our 1992 Guardian Yearbook.

*Juan has attended so many WorldCons that in 2017 the Orlando Sentinel ran an article on his over quarter-century history with the global convention!

Bits and Pieces (not necessarily Who)

Danny Marie Elias, who runs Square Peg Studios, the prosthetics design firm used for Series 13 of Doctor Who, said the character of Karvanista was based primarily on Chris Chibnall’s dog.

Steven Moffat, in response to a suggestion at an Oxford Union Q&A, replied that he was on Grindr: “I’ve been on there for years because I find it fascinating. Unfortunately, everyone goes: ‘Oh, you’re the man who wrote Doctor Who.’ I’d never meet anyone off Grindr – I’ve got too much fear of being murdered…I write a lot about the modern world, and it’s very helpful. That’s why I read Twitter but don’t belong to it. I go on Grindr, but I don’t Grind.”

In Disney’s Encanto, doors open onto rooms that are bigger on the inside.

Ben Brainard, a (formerly local) stand-up comic, switched to making YouTube shorts during the pandemic with a series called “The Table.” In an episode about Georgia, a character talks about the ‘cult of the carpet’ and shows a very recognizable swatch from the hotel that housed DragonCon.

It was so good to have a Wholiday Party again, complete with trivia, an outdoor game, a piñata, and an auction. The Zoom business meeting was a nice addition, too, allowing members who could not be there in person to participate. Thanks to Arthur for humoring me with my (admittedly a stretch) dinosaur theme by supplying the trivia contest and related video choices.

Last-Minute New Year’s Spoilers!

In this New Year’s Doctor Who special, Eve of the Daleks, the TARDIS crew have to reach a solution to a time loop trap that decreases by one minute every time the loop is reset. The episode is set in a storage facility in Manchester at ten minutes to midnight. The Doctor has landed the TARDIS to repair the damage it incurred from the Flux. The villains of the story are referred to as “execution Daleks.” This new type of Daleks have slightly different weapons, which they use to get revenge on the Doctor.

Lovesick Nick and oblivious Sarah join with the Doctor, Yaz, and Dan in what showrunner Chris Chibnall has described as a “romantic comedy with Daleks.” Director Annetta Laufer said she wants the audience to be left with “a feeling of happiness and a warm glow inside. After all the heavy months we have been through, I think everyone deserves a bit of magic and cheer.”

Doctor Who Gifts for the Holiday!

I was busy with family last week, but I’m back to show off my new holiday goodies–and the mask cover I made from an old Club T-shirt to wear at the Wholiday Party.

Somehow I had missed Series 8 in my collection, but thanks to the Guardian auction, that has been remedied. (The Pat Troughton animated DVD was a gift from a friend and fellow Club member.)

I also was determined to outbid anyone for the TARDIS lamp, not just because of all the time and effort I put into painting the lampshade—three different types of paint!—but because in a darkened room it looks like this:

Cool, huh?

More Auction Items

Additional items for the auction this Saturday include:

Doctor Who Series 8, parts 1 and 2 on DVD

Series 9, part 1 on DVD

The entire series of Class on DVD

And this item…

The base was donated by Juan of the Orlando Area Science-Fiction Society and I found a lampshade that worked with it. There are a couple of surprise features to this item that you’ll just have to come to the party to see!

Auction Items!

Here’s a few pics of the items to be offered at the Guardian auction next Saturday. First, for Doctor Who collectors, we have several new books, mugs, and a bust of Captain Jack.

Next, a few offerings for Star Wars fans.

And finally–Bam! Pow!–for Batman afficionados:

I am still re-vamping a recent donation, so check back in a day or two for one more Doctor Who item!

Party and New Year’s Spoilers?

Brief one, this, as I have begun preparing for the Guardians’ Wholiday Party and have so many ideas!

Besides the usual cast, the Doctor Who New Year’s special will feature

Now back to party planning. Hmmm, I think we’ll save the Doctors vs. Villians soccer game for a post pandemic meeting, but the Doctor Who Memory Game should be fine, as well as the piñata, auction, and photo ops….

Oh, and besides the expected holiday vibe, we have a secondary theme for next week—here’s a hint:

Watch the Gog Blog this week for more party posts, including details of items up for auction.

Episode 6 Spoilers?

This “last-minute spoiler” post will be brief, as I am only including links. Why? Because I have yet to see Episodes 4 and 5 myself, and I would really like to be surprised by at least one episode! Here are the most recent trailers for The Vanquishers, which airs on December 5 at 8pm ET on BBC America:

To view a breakdown of the trailers and unraveling of their clues by the great fans at, go here:

Doctor Who: Flux – ‘The Vanquishers’ trailer and image breakdown (

Just don’t tell me what you discover!