Wholiday party photos

Just a few shots that didn’t make it into our newsletter, the Gallifrey Guardian:

Darren and Darrell attack the piñata, which was demolished inside the house as the weather outside was not suitable for outdoor activities.

Several of us checked out the action and deals at ACME Comics, where the Guardians’ TARDIS is on loan. (There are lots of great comic book shops in Central Florida*–like Sci-Fi City; at our January meeting there, it was a sea of orange sale stickers!)

We saved some cash for the club auction, with a lots of new items including a TARDIS throw and the War Doctor figure.

For more pictures from the Guardians of Gallifrey’s Wholiday party, check out our facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/GuardiansOfGallifrey

*See the blog post about Free Comic Book Day published May 2, 2018






Catching Up

Great–I finally get past all the overtime at work, then am delayed by holidays and the flu. Here’s hoping things settle down at last so I can blog regularly again. Below are some recent mentions of Doctor Who in Entertainment Weekly magazine. I’m sure I missed some in the past few months, so please comment if you know of others.

The November 9 issue Sound Bites page had a picture of Jodie Whitaker with the speech bubble: “I eat danger for breakfast!…I don’t. I prefer cereal. Or croissants.”
On the cover of the December 14 Best of 2018 issue, Jodie was one of over fifty characters in the photo montage.
For the week of New Year’s, the Doctor Who special was one of the “What to Watch: Watch it Live!” choices because “Everyone will be talking about it tomorrow.”

Season’s Greetings!

Winter, that is, as of 5:23 EST today. This year’s Winter Solstice boasts a full Moon (known as the Cold Moon or Long Night’s Moon) as well as the Ursid meteor shower.
I hope you have enjoyed this shortest of days in the Northern Hemisphere, and look forward to the ever-increasing hours of sunlight to come.

“Well done, everyone! We’re half-way out of the dark.” – from A Christmas Carol, Doctor Who version.



Doctor Who stuff for sale (at the Party)

More details on the party, as we have added auction items, including:

Doctor Who DVD Series 7, part 1
Doctor Who tote bag
Dalek dress
TARDIS blanket
Doctor Who Christmas Ornaments – 11th Doctor and Sonic Screwdriver
and more…

Join us for Doctor Who viewing, trivia, games, chat, food, etc. There will be a book/magazine/comics sale as well as the auction. Stop by for an hour, or the weekend (activities generally spill over into Sunday), and be sure to get your photo in the classic TARDIS Console room with Daleks and the Delegate from Alpha Centauri, or in front of the Exploding TARDIS, or the Clara Memorial TARDIS (add your own grafitti)!

More Party stuff…

Just a few words tonight, as I am still busy party planning, although I did take some time to read the latest Gallifrey Guardian newsletter (great job, Editor Bob!). And a quick visit to the Guardians’ website gave me a chance to peruse GoG’s Wholiday Pages–our version of an Advent Calendar (thanks, Webmaster Arthur!).

If you want to know what to expect from a Guardian Wholiday Party, check out my posts from December of 2017. You will see puzzles and crafts, games, themed cakes, auction items, costumes and props for photo ops, and more. Want your picture in front of the exploding TARDIS? Drop by!

We also have a trivia contest, play party games, and smash a piñata. New crafts are added often, including this coloring page of a character from a previous Doctor Who Christmas episode.


Happy Wholidays!


I’m back…and busy PARTY prepping!

Apologies, for not getting back to you in November, but my busy work season was extended due to a December 4 run-off.

This week will be all about prepping for the Guardians of Gallifrey’s annual Wholiday Party, which is much like our June Anniversary Party (see June 1st post), but with the addition of our elections, an auction, and a piñata!

If you have suggestions for a theme (besides Doctor Who and the Holiday, that is), please send them. I usually have an idea for the cake and piñata by now, but having just caught up with this season (told you I was working), inspiration has yet to strike.