56 Years!

This Saturday is the 56th anniversary of the first appearance of Doctor Who! It’s also Local Comic Shop Day, so get out there and support your local comic book store. Several stores are having specials and events (Central Floridians may want to check out GoG’s Comic Shop Compendium on our website, http://www.guardiansofgallifrey.com.)

For locals: Sci-Fi City, our meeting host, has lots of stuff on sale; Bamf! Comics in Maitland is having a Nerd Craft Mini-fair; ACME Comics in Longwood is holding a Doctor Who Trivia contest; and Gods & Monsters on International Drive is having a Doctor Who party (wear a costume to get a free drink). Epic Comics on Alafaya Trail said “We will have our Doctor Who comics on sale for 20% off and watching the series throughout the day. Fans are welcome to come and take pictures with our TARDIS soda machine!”

So this Saturday, support your local comic shop — and celebrate Doctor Who!

More Excess…photos

Jodie Whitaker in a publicity photo for Children in Need’s fundraising album

Daleks in a night film shoot on Clifton Bridge

Stephen Moore, who passed away on October 4, played the Silurian Eldane in Cold Blood and was the voice of Marvin the morose robot in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Excess Spoilers, Sweetie…and Fun

On October 9 a Doctor Who film crew returned to Cardiff for more filming with Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole. The scene filmed was of the Doctor’s companions confronted by people in suits with guns. The filming took place just outside the car park for Capital Quarter, an office complex adjacent to the previous week’s filming location near Lumis Student Living in Cardiff. With only a few weeks left of principal photography in 2019, the filming is believed to be for a 2020 Christmas special, according to the CV of the director, Lee Haven-Jones.

Mandip Gill and Jodie Whittaker enjoyed themselves at the fancy dress wrap party October 25 (a little early, as filming continued through October 31) as Frida Kahlo and Sia. Go here and scroll down to see the photo – https://cultbox.co.uk/news/doctor-who-series-12-fancy-dress-wrap-party

There were several Doctor Who night shoots in Cardiff on October 29 up until 4:00 a.m. on October 30. Part of the filming occurred inside Cardiff Castle, where main cast cars and some Dalek props were spotted going inside. One of the other night shoots occurred on the corner of Wharton and St Mary Streets in Cardiff with a crowd of extras. Approximately 20 extras were filmed looking frightened as they spied something above them, then ran down the street toward some explosions. More filming apparently occurred at Maindy Barracks, a military installation in the Cathays district of Cardiff, on October 30. Principal photography wrapped for night shoots in several locations in Cardiff the evening of October 30 into the early morning hours of October 31. The crew then spent some time filming establishing shots of buildings in Cardiff before wrapping up for the night.

If you didn’t see enough photos of the Dalek shoot on Clifton bridge in the Gallifrey Guardian, check out this page: https://cultbox.co.uk/news/doctor-who-series-12-filming-with-new-dalek-design-in-bristol

Where’s Wal– oops, that’s the other guy!

Leave it to my daughter the librarian to find a Doctor Who variation on the Where’s Waldo series.

The BBC’s When’s the Doctor not only has the reader (searcher?) look for the Eleventh Doctor, but Amy, Rory and the TARDIS as well. Clara makes a surprise appearance, and K-9 is here, too. Each page also covertly features villains and aliens from the series. Check it out! (Couldn’t resist a little library humor — or is that Who-mor?)

Meeting Round-up (and an extra bit)

Giving a shout-out to the host of most of our meetings, Sci-Fi City in Orlando! We meet there monthly to watch Doctor Who (and related video), chat, shop, have–or create–the occasional trivia contest, and generally revel in all that is great about WHO. Here’s a sampling of photos from our meetings:

A few of us showing off our Doctor Who swag from Free Comic Book Day, with extra copies of the free Doctor Who comic for members and visitors.

Some of the gang relaxing between episodes (notice the multitude of sales stickers on the merchandise behind us!).

Me at the Guardian meeting in August, the weekend of Woodstock’s 50th anniversary (even more sale stickers!).

A visit from the original GoG Mama, Cathi, and her husband Joe (see our “Classic Guardians of Gallifrey” page).

…As for that extra bit…I saw the Doctor Who knitted TARDIS cap with tassels in a local Spirit Halloween store!

Extra Newsletter Tidbits

First, one more photo from KeiserCon — our host, Amy, in her TARDIS dress.

…and now, the (extra) News: The British Academy of Film and Television Arts in Wales held the BAFTA Cymru awards ceremony at St. David’s Hall in Cardiff on October 13. Doctor Who received four nominations: Doctor Who for Outstanding Television Drama; Jodie Whittaker for Outstanding Actress; Arwel Wyn Jones (for the TARDIS console room) for Excellence in Production Design; and the production team on The Doctor Falls for Outstanding Special and Visual Effects. The 26 Awards were presented in front of an audience of 900 guests. A live stream of the ceremony provided additional content, and backstage interviews with the winners were hosted on BAFTA social media channels. Doctor Who did not win this year, losing out to In My Skin; Gabrielle Creevy (In My Skin); Catrin Merredydd (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch); and Bait Studio (Apostle). However, members of the Doctor Who cast were present to support Russell T Davies, who was presented with the Writer award for A Very English Scandal.

A recreation of Mission to the Unknown can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/doctorwho

During the launch of HTC’s VIVE Cosmos last month, visitors at Hackney’s Protein Studios in London had the opportunity to try out Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, a virtual reality adventure. The game was produced by Maze Theory for BBC Studios. After stepping into the TARDIS, players interacted with the Doctor and tried to pilot the timeship before embarking on an epic adventure to solve the mystery behind the ‘Reality Virus’.


Several more actors have been identified as being in Episode 1, which is believed to be a spy drama. According to her online CV, Dominique Maher will play Agent Browning. Her costume is a protective services uniform with a black visored cap, bulletproof vest, and holster. She has recorded back-up dialogue for the role with an Australian accent. Stunt performer Adam Basil is listed on IMDB as Stephen Fry’s stunt double for the episode. Darron Meyer’s online CV lists a character named Seesay. Ronan Summer will play Rendition man, which could refer to the practice of covertly abducting and transporting people from one country to another for interrogation.

On October 2, a scene was filmed on Tyndall Street near Lumis Student Living in Cardiff. Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill, and Tosin Cole were present, and were photographed and filmed by fans. The three were filmed talking to each other in a brief walking scene. During breaks in filming, Bradley Walsh chatted with students who came out to watch, and gave some advice for would-be actors.

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September Newsletter Leftovers – including SPOILERS!

First, this photo of the cast of Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodar:

Did you spot Sophie Aldred (second from left)?

Next–and don’t say we didn’t warn you–SPOILERS from Doctor Who filming:


(Be sure you hit the forward arrow):



A Last Word on the Hurricane

As many homeowners do, prior to the arrival of the expected hurricane, I took photos of my home, in the event it became necessary to make a claim on my homeowner’s insurance. I somehow doubt anyone at AllState could put a value on my property and belongings (pictured).

The Living/Dining room area

My Garage

What’s the going rate for a Dalek?

How about a TARDIS console?