About Us


A Fan Club in The Orlando/Central Florida area,
Devoted to the long-lived BBC SF/Fantasy Series DOCTOR WHO.

We are a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization registered with the IRS. While not a charity, we have walked for the March of Dimes, held a yardsale to raise money for victims of the 2004 tsunami, and donate any money from autographed auction items to the Red Cross.

The Guardians of Gallifrey have a long history of supporting Doctor Who, including participating in television pledge drives in Orlando, Gainesville, Tampa, and West Palm Beach. (Remember when Doctor Who could only be found on PBS?) The Club has contributed to several other local fan groups to help with event costs, including Hurricane Who, the Sci-Fi Sea Cruise, and Time Lord Fest.

Each month the Guardians publish a newsletter called The Gallifrey Guardian. Available by email in color, it has pages of Doctor Who news, Club activities, fan fiction and fan art, convention information, photos from Doctor Who events, the occasional filksong, poem, or puzzle, and more. Contributors whose submissions appear in the newsletter will receive a free digital copy of that issue. Besides our newsletter, we have produced Yearbooks, a Cookbook, Wholiday Anthologies, and a live-action video—The New Order.

We meet monthly, usual on Sundays at a local Science Fiction shop or member’s home, and have a relaxed and informal get-together, with Doctor Who and related viewing, trivia contests, and mingling with fellow fans. To celebrate the Club’s anniversary in June we have a pool party (weather permitting). Our December Wholiday Party is held at a member’s home whose garage has been redecorated as the classic TARDIS console room–great for photo ops! Join us for food, games, trivia, an auction, fan chat, and Doctor Who viewing.

For more information, visit our website www.GuardiansOfGallifrey.com or Facebook page.


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