The next series of Doctor Who starts on Halloween–yes, next Sunday! (Normally I would be putting this in the Gallifrey Guardian newsletter, but it won’t be ‘new’ by the time the next issue comes out.) The six-part serial previously described in the newsletter is now known to be called “Flux” in total. You can see a message from The Doctor here, with details of the aliens/villains:

Guest actors include Robert Bathurst, Thaddea Graham, Blake Harrison, Kevin McNally, Craig Parkinson, Sara Powell, Annabel Scholey, Gerald Kyd, Penelope Ann McGhie, Rochenda Sandall, Sam Spruell, Craige Els, Steve Oram, Nadia Albina, Jonathan Watson, Sue Jenkins, and Paul Broughton—whew!

Monsters mentioned in the trailer below include Sontarans, Weeping Angels, Cybermen, and the Ood, as well as new monsters, one named Karvanista.


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