Doctor Who pops up

The movie The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is about a guy who is living the same day over and over, who meets a woman who is also aware of the time loop. There are many references to other genres, including Yoda and Darth Vader impersonations, a video game patterned after Warhammer, multiple geeky T-shirts, and even a brief clip of “Time Bandits.” The characters mentioned Doctor Who at least three times:

When she asks “Why do you think this is happening?” he replies, “I honestly didn’t figure it out until there was no new Doctor Who.”

When he asks her, “Why do I always feel like even though we’re stuck in the same day together, I am never going to see you again?” she replies, “Because you watch too much Doctor Who.”

Running possible scenarios by his teacher to explain a time loop, he suggests, “Is time just a big ball of wibbley-wobbley, timey-wimey stuff?” To which the teacher replies, “OK, that’s a quote from Doctor Who.”

A few days later, I was watching Roswell, and a character said, “Do you think you can get the wanna-be TARDIS [an alien machine] out of Deep Sky [secret government facility] for a spin?”

Have you seen/heard a Doctor Who reference on other shows lately?

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