Party Prep and Puzzles

Spent a chunk of the morning dusting the TARDIS console (wouldn’t the First Doctor be happy?) and the Daleks (which probably wouldn’t make him happy). It’s amazing how much dust can gather in  6 months–or is it 600 years? Anyway, the TARDIS Console Room is party prepped, with the Daleks, the Delegate from Alpha Centauri, a young Yeti, K-9, and accessories from the Doctor’s closet.

The party photo for today’s post features some of the games that will be at the party: Pictionary, Cyberdarts, Pin the Tail on K-9, Doctor Who Dominoes, and TARDIS Console Beanbag Toss. Our Bowling for Daleks game will be re-configured as the old carny game of knocking over milk bottles.

While not pictured here, we will also have the commercially available Doctor Who version of Yahtzee. If you have a favorite Doctor Who game, bring it along!

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