Extra Newsletter Tidbits

First, one more photo from KeiserCon — our host, Amy, in her TARDIS dress.

…and now, the (extra) News: The British Academy of Film and Television Arts in Wales held the BAFTA Cymru awards ceremony at St. David’s Hall in Cardiff on October 13. Doctor Who received four nominations: Doctor Who for Outstanding Television Drama; Jodie Whittaker for Outstanding Actress; Arwel Wyn Jones (for the TARDIS console room) for Excellence in Production Design; and the production team on The Doctor Falls for Outstanding Special and Visual Effects. The 26 Awards were presented in front of an audience of 900 guests. A live stream of the ceremony provided additional content, and backstage interviews with the winners were hosted on BAFTA social media channels. Doctor Who did not win this year, losing out to In My Skin; Gabrielle Creevy (In My Skin); Catrin Merredydd (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch); and Bait Studio (Apostle). However, members of the Doctor Who cast were present to support Russell T Davies, who was presented with the Writer award for A Very English Scandal.

A recreation of Mission to the Unknown can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/doctorwho

During the launch of HTC’s VIVE Cosmos last month, visitors at Hackney’s Protein Studios in London had the opportunity to try out Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, a virtual reality adventure. The game was produced by Maze Theory for BBC Studios. After stepping into the TARDIS, players interacted with the Doctor and tried to pilot the timeship before embarking on an epic adventure to solve the mystery behind the ‘Reality Virus’.


Several more actors have been identified as being in Episode 1, which is believed to be a spy drama. According to her online CV, Dominique Maher will play Agent Browning. Her costume is a protective services uniform with a black visored cap, bulletproof vest, and holster. She has recorded back-up dialogue for the role with an Australian accent. Stunt performer Adam Basil is listed on IMDB as Stephen Fry’s stunt double for the episode. Darron Meyer’s online CV lists a character named Seesay. Ronan Summer will play Rendition man, which could refer to the practice of covertly abducting and transporting people from one country to another for interrogation.

On October 2, a scene was filmed on Tyndall Street near Lumis Student Living in Cardiff. Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill, and Tosin Cole were present, and were photographed and filmed by fans. The three were filmed talking to each other in a brief walking scene. During breaks in filming, Bradley Walsh chatted with students who came out to watch, and gave some advice for would-be actors.


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AND…I’ve added the Regenerations Convention segment of my 2013 Doctor Who vacation on the New Series Guardians Page.


September Newsletter Leftovers – including SPOILERS!

First, this photo of the cast of Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodar:

Did you spot Sophie Aldred (second from left)?

Next–and don’t say we didn’t warn you–SPOILERS from Doctor Who filming:


(Be sure you hit the forward arrow):



A Last Word on the Hurricane

As many homeowners do, prior to the arrival of the expected hurricane, I took photos of my home, in the event it became necessary to make a claim on my homeowner’s insurance. I somehow doubt anyone at AllState could put a value on my property and belongings (pictured).

The Living/Dining room area

My Garage

What’s the going rate for a Dalek?

How about a TARDIS console?


R.I.P. Terrance Dicks

Terrance Dicks, a prolific writer of classic Who scripts and Target novelizations of Doctor Who stories, has passed away.

I met Terrance on the Sci-Fi Sea Cruise in 2003, and took him out to the Pirate Dinner Theatre when he visited Orlando for an event in 2008. He was funny and entertaining and a writer to the end. (He has a story in a new Doctor Who anthology coming out in October.)  He will be missed.

Two from the 2008 event:

With Guardians of Gallifrey member Patrick.

With Guardian Edward and myself (giving him my fan art of the Robot).

On the 2003 Sci-Fi Sea Cruise:

Farewell, Terrance.

Best excuse ever…

…although typical for Florida. Busy prepping for the hurricane, so instead of giving you some new Doctor Who musings, may I refer you to my blog post from 09/06/2017, and leave you with the photo below of my garage during last year’s hurricane.


I was heading to my garage to prepare the large Dalek (yes, I have more than one) for a fan event at a local library where my daughter works. My son-in-law was on his way to my house in his pickup truck to handle the delivery.

When I tried to open the inside door to the garage, it was blocked. Peering through the small opening, I saw that one of the set walls built for a Doctor Who fanvideo had fallen and was blocking the door. Luckily, its fall had been stopped by a small cabinet, so it had not fallen completely across the door.

My first thought was to go around to the outside of the house and open the large garage door. As I attempted to lift the outside door, I felt resistance, and remembered that there were sheets tacked above the door to simulate the classic TARDIS console room walls. Not wanting to destroy the fabric ‘set walls’ or risk damaging the door, I stopped.

Returning to the inside door, I retrieved the decorated wooden pole our Club uses to smash the annual Wholiday piñata. (A gift from a fellow Who fan–thanks, Edward.) It just fit through the crack in the door and enabled me to push the set wall up enough to open the door. The Dalek was ready for transport when my son-in-law arrived.

MORAL: Who fan problems call for Who fan solutions!


The two Daleks (and a young Yeti) in front of the fabric ‘set wall.’


A view of the wooden set walls (behind the clothes rack).

The piñata stick in use.

August Additions

One more bit of news (besides what appeared in this month’s Gallifrey Guardian), from Variety:

Rare Beasts, directed by Billie Piper, will premiere at the Venice Film Festival’s Critics’ Week (Aug 28 – Sep 7). Produced by Vaughan Sivell of Western Edge Pictures in association with Moffen Media Limited, Rare Beasts is described as an anti-romcom. Piper plays Mandy, a struggling young writer and mother who comes from a dysfunctional family.

And here’s one more photo from Casselberry Library’s Fan Fest (more in the GG):

Great Minds…

Our Lord President and VideoMaster were on the same wavelength as the BBC  this month. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, the official Doctor Who webpage featured an article on stories in which the Doctor has traveled to the moon. As the Guardians of Gallifrey’s July meeting fell just the day after that anniversary, our viewing reflected the same theme.  We watched an (animated) episode from The Moonbase, the first half of The Seeds of Death, and the two-parter Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon. Not having endless time (and wanting to save space for Part 2 of 6 of the show starring David Tennant as a demon–shhhh!), we skipped Smith and Jones and Kill the Moon.

Favorite moments during the meeting:

Sharing memories of watching the moon landing in 1969.

Watching the scene where the Eleventh Doctor requests maps, a fez, and Jammie Dodgers, when by coincidence we had his favorite snack on the table (courtesy of Sue).

During the business meeting, when Arthur mention a future date being tentative, and Patrick–without missing a beat–piped up, “Would that be David Tennant-tively?”

After the power flickered out (briefly) and I told the story of the River Song-themed Anniversary Party from a few years before, when the power went out completely: luckily, one of our members had had Silence in the Library on his laptop and a fully charged battery, so we settled in to watch River’s swan song. Just as she announced “Let there be light!” the power–and lights–came back on in the house.