More Party stuff…

Just a few words tonight, as I am still busy party planning, although I did take some time to read the latest Gallifrey Guardian newsletter (great job, Editor Bob!). And a quick visit to the Guardians’ website gave me a chance to peruse GoG’s Wholiday Pages–our version of an Advent Calendar (thanks, Webmaster Arthur!).

If you want to know what to expect from a Guardian Wholiday Party, check out my posts from December of 2017. You will see puzzles and crafts, games, themed cakes, auction items, costumes and props for photo ops, and more. Want your picture in front of the exploding TARDIS? Drop by!

We also have a trivia contest, play party games, and smash a piñata. New crafts are added often, including this coloring page of a character from a previous Doctor Who Christmas episode.


Happy Wholidays!


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