No new Who until Christmas?!

Came across the following fan video review–first of a series–and was reminded of how our Club entertained itself during Doctor Who’s hiatus. I have not include how to obtain the video as I could not find current information, but you may have some luck just googling it or searching on YouTube. (Isn’t everything out there now?)
From the December 1997 Gallifrey Guardian:
by Julia Langston

If you’re desperate for more video Who, check out your Gallifrey Guardian each month as I review fan videos. This month’s review:

TIMERIFT by Jon Blum

Timerift is a 7th Doctor story, so be warned–you will have to accustom yourself to seeing fan actors playing Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred’s roles. On the up side, their acting is pretty good (especially Jon Blum’s ‘Sylvester’ accent), although Ace’s part would have been more convincing if they had only supplied the actress with a bomber jacket! The story is interesting, with a nice balance of dialogue and action. The acting by the major characters– especially the villains–is very good, but the minor roles are played rather woodenly. This is a full story, running about an hour and a half in episode format. The production values are high and the special effects are well done. Where this production really shines, though, is the dialogue. Jon Blum must have been living in the 7th Doctor’s head, because he has captured the spirit of Sylvester’s Doctor perfectly. It’s no wonder he is now writing professionally with Kate Orman. If you liked Curse of Fenric and Ghostlight, you’re going to enjoy this video; it echoes the ambivalent, sometimes even antagonistic, relationship between the Doctor and Ace to a ‘T.’ When I came to the end of the video, I was left thinking “this is a story the BBC should have done.”


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