…and a few more pieces…

One: Here’s a blast from the past for my masquerade fans.

Can you guess what this is? Answer at the bottom of this post.

Two: I added a copy of the artwork mentioned in Chas’ MagiCon article to the Classic Guardians page. The hand-written number at the bottom is the page it appeared on in GoG’s ‘92 Yearbook. Yup, we had to hand-write the page numbers, as the publication was created on a word processor, not a computer. How things have changed!

Three: I received a Star Wars postcard from a friend and fellow Club member, complete with a Star Wars stamp. It got me trying to remember the last time I received personal physical mail that wasn’t a birthday or holiday card. Again, how things have changed! Years ago, the Guardians sent a mass-signed letter through the regular mail to the BBC suggesting they speed up the release of the Classic series episodes on DVD. We received a letter back that gave a very strong hint of the show’s return, so the Guardians had a little advance notice before the news hit the major fandom news sites. (Yes, we saved the letter in the Club records.) Nowadays, any communication would likely be online, as when we were contacted about having one of our members interviewed on a British TV news show. (See my August 13, 2021 post.)

Back to topic One: The photo is of my Millenium Bug costume, which I entered into a contest–not in 2000, but in 2001. As the MC read, “It was not until the clocks turned to 01-01-01 that computers in 7-11s all over Florida crashed.” True story; everyone was so paranoid about 2000, but the binary code caused no problem with that date. I finally took the costume apart recently, removing the CDs. Now I have a silver tarp with 80+ tiny holes and a LOT of CDs to recycle. Any suggestions?


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