More Bits

I recently finished reading A Life in Film: Peter Cushing and was surprised at how many of the actors, directors, writers, and producers I recognized from Doctor Who. While the section covering Cushing’s two Doctor Who movies (or should that be Dr. Who movies?) was relatively small, several references were made to the role throughout the book. Peter himself brought it up in an interview many years later.

I had just taken down my calendar from Cushing’s second Who movie, Dalek Invasion Earth 2150. (I purchase old Doctor Who calendars at Guardian auctions and re-use them. Every January, I check my collection for one that starts on the correct day for the current year and put it up in my home office.)

I also found out that the RiffTrax version of Dr. Who and the Daleks was on Amazon Prime. Three Peter Cushing references at once; is the universe trying to tell me something?

Not Who, but…

Visiting family just before Thanksgiving, I was concerned my being masked up might freak out the little kids, but I needn’t have worried. Wearing an N-95 mask, I walked into a room where the boys (4 and 6 years old) were doing some pretending. The older one looked at me and shouted, “Look out! It’s Darth Vader!” so I pointed at them and—in my best Vader voice—said, “Luke, I am your father.”

(I’ve been wanting to take a black Sharpie to an N-95 and turn it into Vader’s mask for over a year now—guess it wasn’t necessary!)


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