Orlando for NASFic 2023?

During our Zoom business meeting today, Juan* of the Orlando Area Science Fiction Society brought up Orlando’s bid for NASFiC in 2023. (Serendipitous, as I had learned of it earlier from http://www.file770.com and planned to make that the subject of my next blog.) The North American Science Fiction Convention is held only when Worldcon takes place outside North America. As Worldcon will be held in China in 2023, a group of fans has thrown Florida’s hat into the ring. The group has a Facebook and Twitter presence, with a “placeholder” page for a starter website.

In 1992 Worldcon, called MagiCon that year, was held in Orlando, and the organizers for the 2023 NASFiC bid are looking in the same area for a venue (i.e., near/at the Orange County Convention Center). You can get a taste of MagiCon on our “Classic Guardians” page with a newly posted reprint of an article by Charles from our 1992 Guardian Yearbook.

*Juan has attended so many WorldCons that in 2017 the Orlando Sentinel ran an article on his over quarter-century history with the global convention!


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