Bits and Pieces (not necessarily Who)

Danny Marie Elias, who runs Square Peg Studios, the prosthetics design firm used for Series 13 of Doctor Who, said the character of Karvanista was based primarily on Chris Chibnall’s dog.

Steven Moffat, in response to a suggestion at an Oxford Union Q&A, replied that he was on Grindr: “I’ve been on there for years because I find it fascinating. Unfortunately, everyone goes: ‘Oh, you’re the man who wrote Doctor Who.’ I’d never meet anyone off Grindr – I’ve got too much fear of being murdered…I write a lot about the modern world, and it’s very helpful. That’s why I read Twitter but don’t belong to it. I go on Grindr, but I don’t Grind.”

In Disney’s Encanto, doors open onto rooms that are bigger on the inside.

Ben Brainard, a (formerly local) stand-up comic, switched to making YouTube shorts during the pandemic with a series called “The Table.” In an episode about Georgia, a character talks about the ‘cult of the carpet’ and shows a very recognizable swatch from the hotel that housed DragonCon.

It was so good to have a Wholiday Party again, complete with trivia, an outdoor game, a piñata, and an auction. The Zoom business meeting was a nice addition, too, allowing members who could not be there in person to participate. Thanks to Arthur for humoring me with my (admittedly a stretch) dinosaur theme by supplying the trivia contest and related video choices.


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