Last-Minute New Year’s Spoilers!

In this New Year’s Doctor Who special, Eve of the Daleks, the TARDIS crew have to reach a solution to a time loop trap that decreases by one minute every time the loop is reset. The episode is set in a storage facility in Manchester at ten minutes to midnight. The Doctor has landed the TARDIS to repair the damage it incurred from the Flux. The villains of the story are referred to as “execution Daleks.” This new type of Daleks have slightly different weapons, which they use to get revenge on the Doctor.

Lovesick Nick and oblivious Sarah join with the Doctor, Yaz, and Dan in what showrunner Chris Chibnall has described as a “romantic comedy with Daleks.” Director Annetta Laufer said she wants the audience to be left with “a feeling of happiness and a warm glow inside. After all the heavy months we have been through, I think everyone deserves a bit of magic and cheer.”


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