Flux Chapter Four last-minute spoilers!

Synopsis for Village of the Angels:

Devon, November 1967. A little girl has gone missing, Professor Eustacious Jericho is conducting psychic experiments, and in the village graveyard, there is one gravestone too many. Why is Medderton known as the Cursed Village, and what do the Weeping Angels want?

Two trailers were released for the fourth chapter of Doctor Who: Flux. One can be seen at the end of the previous episode, the other is on YouTube. https://youtu.be/5v2CX7jvQfI

Working from the two released trailers, cultbox.co.uk has compiled the following information: Claire Brown, who found herself transported back in time by a Weeping Angel in The Halloween Apocalypse, ends up in Medderton in 1967. We see her in Professor Jericho’s lab, connected to monitoring equipment as he questions and records her. The Doctor also comes to Medderton in 1967; two residents (Jan and Gerald), thinking the TARDIS is a Police Box, tell the Doctor that a little girl is missing. In another scene, villagers call out “Peggy!” as they search for the missing girl. Claire informs The Doctor that everyone in the village is going to disappear that night.

Random scenes:

A scarecrow suddenly appears to Yaz and Dan.

Reverend Shaw says a prayer in a graveyard near the church; an angel statue he has never seen before is there.

A drawing of the TARDIS is found.

Mrs. Hayward, a villager, worriedly exclaims “It’s happening again!”

Additionally, the episode will continue Bel and Vinder’s story, along with a new character, Namaca. The actors who play Azure and Passenger are also on the cast list.

Village of Angels was filmed on location in Wales at Penarth, Knapp Beach and Friars Point in Barry, and Saint Hilary, Vale of Glamorgan. Written by Maxine Alderton and Chris Chibnall and directed by Jamie Magnus Stone, the episode airs tonight at 8:00pm on BBC America.

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