Episode 2 Spoilers (but not for long)

In the 59-minute second episode, War of the Sontarans, the Doctor discovers the British army at war with Sontarans in the Crimea, and must solve the mystery of the Temple of Atropos and the Mouri. The episode features Sara Powell as Mary Seacole, Jacob Anderson as Vinder, Sue Jenkins as Eileen, Gerald Kyd as a Crimean War officer, Steve Oram as Joseph Williamson, and Sam Spruell as the Swarm. Dan Starkey returns to play Kragar and other Sontarans and Johnathan Watson plays Ritskaw and several Sontarans.

Sara Powell as Mary Seacole
Sue Jenkins and Paul Broughton (Dan Lewis’ father Neville)
Gerald Kyd as a Crimean War officer

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