Life Imitates Art (or Reality vs. The Whoniverse)

I was going to save this link for a post about inspiration for drabbles, but it just goes too well with a bit of news that appeared in the September Gallifrey Guardian:

Rare ‘Einstein Ring’ captured by Hubble reveals the depths of the universe (

And here’s the article:

The Einstein Engine is a free PDF adventure for Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition, and is compatible with the first edition of the game. The story takes players on a globe-spanning adventure which begins with a mystery in the Australian Outback in 1988 and travels to Peru in the far future. Written by Graham Tugwell, The Einstein Engine is designed to give Gamemasters an adventure to get them started with the newest edition of the Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game. Go here for a free download: The Einstein Engine  – Cubicle 7 (

Is the timing just a coincidence, or serendipity?

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