Feeling Strange Tonight

Maybe an aftereffect of the Doors documentary I watched recently. Anyway, you’re getting a collection of odd bits for today’s post.

Took this close-up after my annual eye exam. I could be the next alien menace on Doctor Who—the one that looks innocently human until they take off their sunglasses and you see their eyes! (Have you heard the rumor that new companion Dan’s friend may be an alien in disguise?)

Scrolling through movie options on Amazon Prime, I came across one titled “Gog”—the acronym for Guardians of Gallifrey–from 1954. Synopsis: A giant brain machine is programmed to sabotage a government space station. Maybe “giant brain machine” is 1954-speak for computer?

No Doctor Who connection, but cosplayers may relate to this bit. Our state had a “tax holiday” a while back, purportedly for school supplies. In spite of the strangely wide range of eligible items I didn’t expect to see anything I would want to purchase. Perusing the 3-column list that included baby clothes, receiving blankets, diapers (including adult); fishing and hunting vests; clerical vestments, altar and religious clothing; sleepwear and lingerie*; every other type of clothing you could imagine; and, finally, actual school supplies, I found…COSTUMES!

*Personally, I would be doing some serious investigating if my kid’s school sent home a list of recommended supplies that included lingerie! 🙂 And no, that’s not meant to cover bras, slips, or underclothes, because those items were all listed separately.

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