MegaCon and More

The September issue of the Gallifrey Guardian featured MegaCon attendees, courtesy of the Guardians’ Lord President (who wore a mask with The Master’s signature goatee drawn on in black marker) and the Photoshop magic of our Editor. A fan cosplaying the 13th Doctor is also shown, holding her sonic screwdriver and wearing a mask decorated with “Kerblam!” logos. Love it, gotta find it, gotta have it! (If you need a reminder of the Kerblam episode, check out my blog posts from February 24, 2020 and December 19, 2019.)

I received the BBC Shop’s latest catalog in the mail and found they still have not corrected the error of which I notified them and posted about on March 23 of this year. (That makes at least the last three catalogs and the website that have mixed up the descriptions of The Curse of Fenric and Survival.) Hmmm…do you think an online petition from fans might encourage the BBC Shop to correct the error?

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