Trivia Challenge

Having recently finished reading Doctor Who: Who-ology, I ran a trivia contest of sorts based on psychic paper at our June meeting. Rather than writing down their answers, participants were called on in turn and verbally gave an example of the Doctor’s use of psychic paper. Stating the episode title was good for one point and knowing what the paper said earned another point. Being able to describe the scene was enough to keep one in the round. After several rounds, Ben became our winner.

Some of the episodes mentioned in the contest were The Idiot’s Lantern, A Christmas Carol, Silence in the Library, and The End of The World. Almost fifty incidences of psychic paper use are listed in Who-ology (including the times it failed to work). Who-ology’s list stops after The 12th Doctor; the 13th has used it at least a half-dozen times more. How many can you name?

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