Assorted Who reminders


On June 17, our local paper led off page 2 with an article about celebrities appearing at MegaCon, and really focused on one in particular.

Title: MegaCon Orlando adds ‘Doctor Who’ star to lineup

Photo caption: “Doctor Who” actor Christopher Eccleston has joined the MegaCon Orlando celebrity guest lineup

From the first paragraph: …Best known for his roles as the ninth incarnation of The Doctor in the “Doctor Who” series…

The article went on to name other celebrity guests (including William Shatner) with little details and no fanfare. The article added the names of comic book artists and writers, then described other activities at the con and details on attending.


Meanwhile, in the CW universe, last week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow had Sarah Lance discovering her wounds could miraculously heal themselves or, as she put it, “Regeneration?” SPOILER Having recently learned that she was a human/alien hybrid clone, my immediate thought was, “so the alien half is a TimeLord?” If not an alien, it could have been lizard or starfish genes, but you see where my mind goes.

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