Did You Miss Me?

Wow, can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted, but sometimes mundane life catches up to you. Especially when the Fringe Festival comes to town! Seeing 10 plays (plus previews) was great fun, but definitely a time-consuming distraction. One of the best shows was Darth and Droids, about a group of role-playing friends who unknowingly act out the plot of a Star Wars movie. If a Fringe Festival comes to your area, I strongly recommend attending–there is usually something for every taste, and often genre-related shows.

Excuses over. Here’s something I whipped up recently; can you guess what it’s for?

Here’s a hint: Check out my posts from May 14 and April 21.

Another hint: I keep it in my car.

(No, I haven’t used it–yet.)

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