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Just a smattering of random thoughts today:

An article from 2012 about black holes (I find the strangest stuff in my files) could be the inspiration for another Doctor Who drabble. It described two of the largest black holes ever detected, one with the mass of 9.7 billion suns in the Leo galaxy cluster, and the other even more massive–equal to 20 billion suns–in the Coma galaxy cluster. At the time (2012), astronomers had found over five dozen supermassive black holes. There is even a black hole at the center of our own galaxy–yikes!

The same page also quoted CNN regarding Kepler-22b, the first confirmed planet in the “habitable zone,” where a planet could exist with liquid water on its surface. It is located about 600 light years away, “a good ten minutes in this old thing” [The TARDIS, that is, for those of you who didn’t get the DW telemovie reference.]

I’m slowly working my way through the Regenerated Edition of Doctor Who Who-ology, The Official Miscellany (great gift from a friend and fellow Who fan), a fascinating and detailed volume of Doctor Who trivia. It has lots of info that could be used to create trivia contests, or trigger craft ideas (psychic paper, for one). Their list of recurring characters will come in handy when I update the Doctor Who Dominoes game, pictured here in its current incarnation.

DW Dominoes

An appropriately decorated cake was served at the party where the dominoes game premiered.

Dominoes cake

We also watched a music video I had found online composed of clips of Doctor Who companions falling (mostly into his arms), set to “They Fall Like Dominoes.” I couldn’t find that link for today’s post, but did come across this one, with a FANtastic Doctor Who run of dominoes: Doctor Who in Dominoes – Neatorama

But I digress; back to the book: River Song’s timeline would have been handy to have for our River-themed Anniversary Party several years ago. I had what I thought was a brilliant idea–show all of her episodes at a party in chronological order based on her personal timeline. By the time we finally had such a party, there were so many episodes with the character that there would have been no time for any other activities if we showed them all! We did manage to have a trivia contest, (naming every appearance of Mels/Melody/River in order), and a cake.

River Song Diary Cake

(Are you hungry yet?) Two items in the book that I did not know before:  Ian was supposed to be in Mawdryn Undead, not the Brigadier; and Nick Courtney was an uncredited extra in Silver Nemesis.

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