Spoilers, Sweetie

I wouldn’t normally include information that has already appeared in the Gallifrey Guardian, but since I missed blogging last week, here is an extra post — full of spoilers! [For photos, go to cultbox.co.uk, or spring for the $10 membership to the Guardians to see color photos in our newsletter, emailed each month.]

Some Doctor Who filming occurred inside Cardiff City Hall on March 8, with a bystander overhearing the crew say, “Mandip and Jacob are here.” The two were also observed eating lunch together outside the location.

A Doctor Who film crew shot a scene at Atlantic College in Llantwit Major, Wales on March 17, in front of an old stone house located on the campus. The scene included a silver Daimler DS420, a luxury model manufactured by Jaguar in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s.

On March 18 interior filing took place in Cardiff at Kongs, a bar with arcade games, and The Hayes, a commercial   area at the heart of the city center.

Several takes of a TARDIS scene with Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, and John Bishop were recorded at Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool on March 22. The night shoot at Royal Albert Dock filmed the same scene from different angles. The scene showed Dan (Bishop’s character) approaching The Doctor and Yaz at the TARDIS with stunning night scenery of Royal Albert Dock in the background. The Doctor asks, “Need a lift anywhere?” and “Wanna come?” Dan then joins the Doctor and Yaz in the TARDIS and the scene ends with the Doctor looking briefly out of the door.

John Bishop and Nadia Albina (Innocent, The One) were filmed at the Museum of Liverpool on March 23. Director Azhur Saleem was present to guide the production as the two actors were filmed both inside and outside the museum for Episodes 1 and 3 of Series 13.

On March 24, the film crew recorded Bishop and Albina inside the Church of St. Luke. The church, originally built in the early 1800’s, was damaged by bombs during the 1941 Blitz and has been roofless ever since. A smoke machine was used by the crew. The production then moved to the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, where Bishop and Albina were filmed conversing while sitting on the massive steps in front of the cathedral. Reports of the dialogue on set indicate either a current or past romantic relationship between the two characters. Albina’s costume included a lanyard which identified her character as Diane Curtis, a staff member of the Museum of Liverpool. Later in the shoot, a very menacing-looking character showed up, wearing a dark costume with gold piping and a black, skull-like mask. His appearance prompted fans on Twitter to make comparisons to the Shadow, Magnus Greel, Omega, Skelator, Doomlord, and other villains.

On March 25 Mandip Gill and John Bishop were filmed in Liverpool at St. George’s Hall, a Neoclassical building containing concert halls and law courts which opened in 1854. The two actors, dressed in 19th century clothing, filmed scenes with Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean). Gill’s costume included a straw hat and a split skirt suitable for riding a bicycle. Azhur Saleem, who is expected to direct three episodes, was present.

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