The Search Begins

After an earlier post mentioning the article in an old Gallifrey Guardian about Doctor Who references in Star Trek, I decided to look for it in my collection of past issues. Of course, that meant organizing 30+ years of issues, which over the years have been scattered and put out of order during previous searches.

It’s slow going, mostly because I keep getting sucked into other articles not relevant to my search. But who could resist a Classic Who Word Search, Who-cups (a series of one-panel cartoons), a review of the long-ago local attraction Starbase Omega, and question-of-the-month answers called GoG Talk? I even came across a submission of my own in answer to the question, “Besides Doctor Who, what sci-fi show would you like to see on local TV? – Quark (anyone else remember that show?).

In my trip down memory lane were articles on Doctor Who’s missing episodes, “Rediscovering Jon Pertwee,” asking readers to help save Doctor Who from Cablevision, and hooking up fans with global penpals. And that’s just 1987 through 1989! I will post the article about Doctor Who in Star Trek once I work my way up to it, but in the meantime, you may see some other new/old posts on the Classic Guardians page soon.

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