Bits, and Get a Free Doctor Who Newsletter!

Had a good day today, but how could it be otherwise when it started with watching the latest launch from the Cape—one of the things I love about living in Central Florida!

Am I alone in seeing reminders of The Doctor all around? Last night I was watching a political parody by James Cordon (yes, from “The Lodger”) based on Les Miz, and one of the performers in the musical number was Matt Lucas, who played Nardole on Doctor Who.

Here’s an idea for an easy way to earn a free issue of our Club’s amazing newsletter, the Gallifrey Guardian. Send a photo and/or brief article to the editor at telling how Doctor Who added to your holiday cheer. If your submission makes it in, you will receive a free email copy of the issue in which it appears. As an example, this would be mine:

I watched several of the Specials, sharing most with my grandchild,

and got a Doctor Who-themed birthday card and these presents for the holidays.

I also kept up my New Year’s Eve tradition (for a quarter of a century now) of watching the Doctor Who television movie, “The Enemy Within,” starring Paul McGann. It timed out perfectly, with the characters counting down to midnight at precisely the same time it was happening in real life.

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