Spoilers, Sweetie…


In issue 558 of Doctor Who Magazine, Chris Chibnall gave an update on the production progress for Series 13 as of mid-October, before principal photography began. Chibnall wrote, “You may think we’ve been quiet during these six months. Publicly: yes, deliberately. But in private, we’ve never stopped talking and working: theorizing, modelling, planning, scheduling, rescheduling, and calling on the incredible skillsets across the team.”  He continued, “We’re lucky. BBC One and BBC Studios (and all our global partners) have been hugely supportive and clear that they want another series of Doctor Who, with as many episodes as we can produce, for when we feel we can safely and reasonably deliver it.” Chibnall said they were staying positive but being realistic about how things can be accomplished. “Previously our shoot length has produced 11 episodes in total per series. Our best estimate right now is that this time, with COVID protocols in place, the same length of shoot time will yield eight episodes.” To sum up the current filming situation, Chibnall gave a quote from Revolution of the Daleks, spoken to a character named Leo: “Embrace the uncertainty.”

Filming began on Series 13 at Roath Lock Studios on November 2, under strict industry and government guidelines to ensure the safety of cast and crew. Jamie Magnus Stone, who directed Episodes 1, 5, 9, and 10 of Series 12 will return to direct at least one filming block of Series 13, along with Director of Photography Robin Whenary. Long-time Doctor Who Producer Nikki Wilson was also mentioned on Whenary’s online CV. Sara Powell will guest star as British-Jamaican nurse and businesswoman Mary Seacole, who set up the “British Hotel” behind the lines during the Crimean War for wounded soldiers.

Recent Series 13 filming information and photos suggest the first block of filming includes the Crimean War episode, with Jamie Stone directing. Some photos have surfaced which show a battlefield with British uniforms from the era. Mandip Gill may have been spotted at the location. One fan who took photos posted: i didn’t take a picture of the hut or the big metal thing that’s there because people kept watching us but there’s british soldiers there and I know that there was a woman in a big skirt following behind jodie when she was running.

The Series 13 crew filmed at Morlais Quarry in Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, and were photographed by a fan on November 13 and 16. Night shoots took place there as well, and a video was posted of an explosion scene featuring the TARDIS and people in period costumes. One viewer described a scene at the location as having “two others with Jodie dressed in period outfits, and had a possible Scottish accent.” Other photos show the TARDIS, some battlefield tents, a cabin and some unidentified props. One fan responding to the video mentioned seeing “the tardis crashed into a hillside.” The fan who shot the video posted: “one character was thrown to the ground due to an explosion! I also heard Jodie shout something about retreating.” A fan who took a photo at the location stated on their post that the aliens in the photo were Sontarans.

Thanks to cultbox.uk for the news!

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