Farewell, Edward Foeller

Doctor Who fandom lost one of its own last month. Edward Foeller was a Central Florida fan known for dressing as the Fourth Doctor. I often ran into Edward on Free Comic Book Day and at local Doctor Who events. 


   On Free Comic Book Day 2015                     DW’s 50th at ACME Comics


        Winter Park Library’s Whostock

He made a great Fourth Doctor—all teeth and curls. Edward and his partner Laura came to several of our Wholiday and Anniversary Parties.

2014 Guardian Anniversary Party________ 2012 GoG Anniversary Party


2013 Guardian Wholiday Party____________2014 Anniversary Party


2012 Anniversary Party______________ 2014 Wholiday Party

(Apologies for any difficulty in spotting Eddie in these photos–like the 4th Doctor, he was tall and therefore often in the back of pictures.)

One year, the broomstick we were using to smash the piñata broke. At our next party, Edward showed up with a sturdy staff decorated with multi-color bands to use as our new piñata stick, a testament to his generosity and creativity.


Margo with the pinata stick              Edward drops by a Guardian meeting at Sci-Fi City

Edward was also well-known in the Orlando music scene, having performed with several local bands, but it is as the Fourth Doctor that I will remember him. Fellow Who fan Charles Martin wrote, “Eddie leaves behind his partner, Laura, his son Dylan, and a hole in the hearts of all who knew him.”

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