June 2020 Trivia Contest

The Pandemic Edition: a.k.a. “Germs, Lockdowns, and Masks—Oh, My!”

1. The ravages of radioactive war once forced which famous foes into lockdown?
2. In Gridlock, bioengineered mood drugs like ‘Forget’ and ‘Happy’ mutated into an airborne plague. Name the drug responsible for the mass death of the New Earth Senate.
3. A convict in a fearsome mask terrorized the First Doctor and company as Koquilion. Name the episode.
4. In The Caves of Androzani, what did the Fifth doctor have to get to cure Peri of Spectrox Toxemia?
5. In Revenge of the Cybermen the Fourth Doctor revealed that a plague that decimated most of the Nerva Beacon crew was artificial. How was it spread?
6. An old reptilian race awakens, and unleashes a virus hoping to wipe out humanity; the Third Doctor finds a cure. Name the story (the exact title).
7. The Invisible Enemy–that became a quite visible giant prawn–has a connection to another character in the story.     A) Which character?     B) What is the connection?
8. Which mask did the Fourth Doctor choose for the titular Masque of Mandragora?
9. The Tenth Doctor exposes clones used as germ factories, for all intents and purposes. Name the story.
10. The TARDIS goes haywire and locks itself down! Name the story (two acceptable titles).

Tiebreaker (if needed):
Master of Masks: name the story for each alias

1. Colonel Masters
2. “O”
3. The Adjudicator
4. Professor Yana
5. Bruce
6. Doctor Who
7. Melkor

Answers on the Answer Page next week!

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